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Cubit, modular design

Cubit, modular design

Because the perfect piece of furniture does not exist, the Cubit brand has imagined a system of colorful and infinitely modular furniture (or almost) that adapts to everyone's desires, needs and spaces. Get ready to see all the colors and shapes… We will have warned you!

Nordic touch

Cubit Scandinavian atmosphere guaranteed with the Cubit mini-buffet. Its sober and refined lines, its oblique feet and its oak finish will delight fans of the Nordic style.


Cubit Otherwise, fall for these two rectangular modules superimposed one on the other to form a small very decorative buffet. Place near a bed as a bedside table or next to a sofa, you will fall for this versatile object, with a pleasant look, made of different woods.

Object of desire

Cubit From discs to spirits, this piece of furniture, as graphic as it is design, allows you to store everything that invites you to relax and that's what we like. The originality of the model: the high modules are placed in a modular way on the support.


Cubit A functional assembly system, a refined aesthetic and vibrant colors, this is the successful cocktail of the Cubit sofa with almost unlimited possibilities of arrangements. Alone or combined with others to create a sofa suitable for large spaces or atypical ones, it has it all.

A sofa that meets all desires

Cubit Because everyone has their own way of living, Cubit has imagined this revolutionary concept of modular sofa that allows you to configure the height, depth and width of the five basic modules according to the wishes of its owner.

An easy to arrange island

Cubit Thanks to the Cubit modular sofa, transforming a classic sofa into an original sofa corner in no time. Suitable for small spaces, simply lift the light elements briefly then move them to the desired position and voila.

Graphic and colorful

Cubit A sober and refined design, a breathtaking range of colors and a disconcerting ease of attachment to the wall… it didn't take much to be seduced by the Cubit modular shelves. Boxes of different sizes and different depths and an ideal multicolored combination that will effectively dress and energize an overly simple wall.


Cubit Wall shelf with message or arranged in the shape of a humorous smiley, Cubit shelves will certainly bring a welcome touch of good humor to your everyday life.

An exemplary shelf

Cubit Better than the storage column for CD and DVD, discover this MDF corner shelf perfect for dressing your walls with gaiety and originality. Modular, scalable and customizable at will, it allows an optimized layout of the space.