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10 baths that throw out

10 baths that throw out

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Gone are the days when, to wash, you had to stand, leaning against the wall wisely. Having become a central element of our bathrooms, the bathtub today steals the show from the traditional shower and accentuates the impression of comfort and well-being in this space. From the most classic to the most sophisticated, it's up to you!

A natural bathroom

Burgbad Showcase nature in your bathroom with the Chrono bathtub. Ideal after a hard day at work, let yourself be charmed by its discreet design and its restful forms.

An enchanting bathtub

Leroy Merlin Intimate and cozy atmosphere for this bathroom that plays the card of daring. Dressed in mosaics and worthy of a tale of a Thousand and One Nights, this balneotherapy corner bathtub signed Leroy Merlin will give a magical and whimsical touch to your space.

A cozy bathtub

Design bathroom Back to basics thanks to this wooden bathtub with a very authentic style that invites calm and pleasure. Its harmonious shape and its enveloping curves encourage meditation and promise you comfort and absolute well-being, with ease.

Pure luxury

Axor Citterio You want to make your bathroom a real haven of peace where it is good to bask. Timeless and full of character, the Axor Citterio bathtub will charm you with its classic, elegant and discreet forms that will allow it to integrate into all your bathroom decorations.

Retro chic

Le Monde du Bain Rediscover all the charm and elegance of old baths and all the comfort of contemporary baths thanks to the sublime Livingston bathtub in enameled cast iron on lion's feet. Very trendy, it will ideally find its place in a chic and retro-looking bathroom.

A Zen bathtub

Axor Do you want to make your bathroom a space dedicated to well-being and relaxation? Choose the minimalist Massaud Axor pebble bathtub. Clean and elegant at the same time, the harmonious forms of this model will instantly propel you into the heart of nature.

An invigorating bathtub

Want to bring color and dynamism to your overly monotonous bathroom? Discover the Dress Code apron which will allow you to make a trendy dressing of your bathtub in the color of your choice. Slate, chocolate, anthracite, sand… the choice is yours.

A powdery pink bathtub

Burgbad What could be more soothing than a pastel-colored bathtub. Thanks to the Burgbad powder pink bathtub, forget the hassle of everyday life and let yourself be transported by its warm and reassuring side. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Two in one bathtub

Jacuzzi No need to choose between taking a shower or a bath. Practical and functional at the same time, the Liva bathtub will offer you its two options. And, thanks to its bath screen, no more splash will spoil your moment of relaxation.


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