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10 styles of place cards for your New Years Eve tables

10 styles of place cards for your New Years Eve tables

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Soon, table decorating ideas will fuse in all directions. Objective: to feed our decorative inspiration for Christmas or New Year's Eve. Here is our selection of very decorative place cards!

A gourmet place card

Geneviève Lethu ### Macaroons, cookies, cupcakes ... The gourmet style is, once again this year, propelled to the fore. So much so that the place cards worn by sweet confectionery are unanimous.

A chic place card

Ikéa ### The chic of this place marker lies in the folding of the napkin that covers the entrance. He just ties it with a satin ribbon around which is hung a paper displaying the names of the guests. Easy to make and yet very distinguished.

An angelic place card

Geneviève Lethu ### The style "miniature sculpture", the porcelain white color and the angel shape of this place card, enchant us. This is perfect for a chic and romantic table!

A recycled place card

Fly ### On paper napkins, it is easy to write both the names of the guests, but also a small welcome message, a year-end greeting, or simply the menu. One condition: apply to write everything down with the pen at the risk of tearing the paper!

A fun place card

Truffaut ### Another idea to divert a simple Christmas ball into a playful place marker at 0 cents: slip a white piece of paper indicating the name of each guest…

A magical place card

La Redoute ### Deer, star, fir or sun: how not to fall for these silver place cards in total harmony with the magical atmosphere that reigns during the holidays?

A paper placeholder

AM.PM ### The placeholder of this staging played the discretion. Hidden behind the decorative postcard placed between the glass and the plate, we have an idea: assign a greeting card to each cutlery, and write the names of the guests on the back. Between treasure hunt and little attention, it should seduce more than one!

A charming place card

Ikéa ### First, we roll up the napkins. Then, we tie them with a black ribbon. Then, a piece of tissue is grafted onto it, on which the first name of each family member has been noted. Simple and delicate.

A vegetable place card

D'Home Productions ### On this table not yet set, only the ideas are to sting. With a natural style as the common thread, a dried leaf is obtained as a place mark. To put on the plate or to stick on a rose bud: everyone has the choice!


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