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106 m² of pure Scandinavian charm

106 m² of pure Scandinavian charm

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Located on the lovely Kvarnholmen peninsula, south-east of Stockholm, this beautiful apartment reveals a decoration that goes to the essentials, in the purest Scandinavian tradition. Between light wood and subtle colors, the industrial touch in addition. A cocoon of sweetness on a human scale, this place of life offers, as a bonus, an exceptional view of the lake that surrounds it ... Visit.

A bright entrance

Fantastic Frank From the entrance, the owners are greeted by pleasant natural light, revealing the cozy potential of this dream apartment. On the ground, a magnificent blond oak parquet floor, coupled with walls dressed in bright white, reinforces the refined atmosphere of the place.

Mix-and-match atmosphere

Fantastic Frank From the hall, a breathtaking view of a living space that skillfully mixes Scandinavian style and retro touches: antique furniture, copper pots, contemporary lighting…

A convivial dining room

Fantastic Frank Focus on the dining area. Like the rest of the apartment, this space conducive to sharing is bathed in light thanks to large workshop-style windows.

A monastic white kitchen

Fantastic Frank From the dining room, glimpse of the minimalist kitchen. All dressed in white, apart from a black quartz composite worktop, it is simply embellished with copper, ocher and red accents. Open to a large living room, it gives pride of place to conviviality.

A Scandinavian and warm living room

Fantastic Frank From the kitchen, make way for a beautiful living room composed of a striped sofa, a matching ottoman-table, a comfortable fabric armchair and two white Eames rocking chairs, emblematic pieces of the Scandinavian style.

Neat decoration

Fantastic Frank Always at the show, let's dwell for a moment on the minimalist decoration, certainly, but very refined. Between magazines, books, notebooks, posters and trinkets of all kinds, there is a skilfully organized bric-a-brac that throws away.

A refined room with soft tones

Fantastic Frank In addition to a large bed dressed in slightly orange linen, it is the refined decoration of this room that particularly appeals to us: marble and wood bedside table, graphic pendant lamp, large mirror, bedside lamps clipped onto the headboard , painting on the ground and bouquet at the window.

A minimalist bathroom

Fantastic Frank Tiled in white from floor to ceiling, the bathroom accommodates a shower… and a bathtub, like that, everyone is there!

An exceptional view of the surrounding nature

Fantastic Frank From one of the apartment's many windows, let's take the time to admire the view of the lake and the vegetation that borders it. Like a welcome breath, this spot is the ideal place to escape for a moment.


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