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Baseboards: our selection

Baseboards: our selection

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You have finished making the floor but do not know which plinth to choose? offers you a selection of baseboards to combine with all styles of decoration! Discovery!

Wood, a safe bet

Leroy Merlin You can choose several types of cut: straight, rounded,… The warm color of the wood, combined with a parquet, gives a pleasant intimacy to the room. Perfect in a cocooning room ... Source: Leroy Merlin

Fir wood for a chic and elegant spirit

Leroy Merlin / In addition to lighting up the room, the light wooden plinths also give elegance. Very decorative, they blend with all styles and give an impression of grandeur and depth. Source: Leroy Merlin /

Imitation tiles

Castorama / Leroy Merlin For a bathroom or a bedroom, a tiled plinth is ideal because it is very practical to clean. Matched with the floor, the plinth unifies the decoration. Source: Castorama / Leroy Merlin

The oak veneer wooden plinth

Leroy Merlin / Deavita This plinth made of oak wood veneer measures 2.2 meters in length and 100mm in width. Higher than most of its peers, this plinth does not shock however because it offers the parquet a real continuity. 100% decoration! Source: Leroy Merlin / Deavita

50 shades of sandstone

Leroy Merlin Made of sandstone, these plinths in dark shades perfectly complement this simple and plain decor. Little tip: do not hesitate to add colored furniture in a black interior to create contrast! Source: Leroy Merlin

The modern effect of stainless steel

Leroy Merlin / Jemleblog The stainless steel plinth is ideal in a modern industrial style apartment or house. It adds real cachet to your interior without weighing it down. Source: Leroy Merlin / Jemleblog

It looks like the South

Leroy Merlin At first glance it looks like stone, but these plinths are beautiful and well made of sandstone. With its ocher tones and this very natural aspect, it almost feels like in the South, right? Source: Leroy Merlin.

The winning duo of black and white

Leroy Merlin You can also vary the styles by using a shiny black plinth. The contrast of the colors with the white tiles and the black plinth can shock but with this varnished aspect, the plinth is the decorative asset of the room. Source: Leroy Merlin

Luxury and shine

Leroy Merlin Aluminum brings a touch of luxury to the kitchen or the entrance. With its brilliant reflections, the aluminum plinth attracts all eyes! It is also convenient to clean. Source: Leroy Merlin


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