Walls and floors feminize the decor

Walls and floors feminize the decor

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Want to add a feminine and glamorous touch to your interior? Why not bet on wall and floor coverings that will sublimate your interior with elegance? We have selected 10 coating ideas for you to integrate into your home.

Soft carpet

Saint Maclou On the ground, you can bet on a very soft carpet that will adapt to almost all decorations. In a very soft beige and velvety material, this carpet softens the floor to give the room a feminine elegance.

Colorful carpet

Saint Maclou On the ground too, you can play the color card by betting on a fairly feminine plum shade. Then choose a carpet with long wicks that will give a lot of warmth to the room and will dress the floor like a pretty piece of clothing.

Clear parquet

Saint Maclou If you opt for the warmth of a parquet floor, you will rather bet on a very light wood which will bring softness and beautiful harmony to the room. We put aside the character parquet floors which have many wooden knots.

A shiny floor

Saint Maclou It seems that women like things that shine ... So for the living room floor, we put on a tile with a bright shine that almost gives the appearance of a jewel on the floor! In pure white, the decor is precious and very elegant.

A precious wallpaper

Kelly Hoppen Likewise, walls can also take on the appearance of a piece of jewelry. We then choose a wallpaper with iridescent patterns that give a very precious look to the decoration. Flowers of course add an even more feminine touch.

Flowered walls

A3P Flowers are sure to feminize a decor to create a very romantic atmosphere. You will find many wallpapers that feature scrolls of flowers and other bouquets of roses for a very delicate style.

Soft colors

Leroy Merlin For a feminine and delicate atmosphere like a cocoon, think of soft colors! They will settle as well on the wallpaper as on a carpet in natural colors for a shades of softness.

Accessorized walls

Poisson Bulle As women use accessories to decorate their outfit, the walls are adorned with decorative accessories that add a little more original and trendy! We think of the adhesive friezes that will enhance the angle of a wall for example.

A mirror tile

Castorama Finally, to pay tribute to the beauty of women, wall tiles become mirrors to highlight a bathtub or part of a wall. The bathroom is then at the height of glamor!