Green: Ibuku's bamboo houses

Green: Ibuku's bamboo houses

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In 2010, Elora Hardy returned to the island of her childhood and founded an architectural firm in Bali. The idea is simple: use local resources to build houses that combine modern requirements with the charm of the old. His company also conceptualizes gardens according to the principle of permaculture, so that each household can live largely from its own crops. Discovery!

A spacious house with artisanal decor

Ibuku Construction artisanale does not necessarily rhyme with small spaces! The very large and bright living rooms of the Sharma Springs house attest to this.

A modern living room

Ibuku The living room of Sharma Springs house displays beautiful, very modern furniture, also designed and created by Ibuku.

An open kitchen

Ibuku The kitchen has all the current modern equipment. In order not to spoil the wooden structure of the house, the household appliances are sheltered in a braided bamboo cocoon. A beautiful bar, also made of bamboo, stands between the kitchen and the rest of the living room.

A dining room with a view

Ibuku The dining room table and chairs, created by Ibuku, are set facing the forest, under the magnificent bamboo roof of the Sharma Springs house.

The TV corner

Ibuku Resolutely modern, the Sharma Springs offers all the modern comfort with this TV corner and this pretty cocoon sofa in bamboo.

Bamboo everywhere

Ibuku Each piece of furniture, each decorative element, each room in the Sharma Springs house has been thought and designed with the aim of exploiting the bamboo, produced in the region.

An extraordinary corridor

Ibuku When you cross the corridors of this beautiful bamboo house, you could almost imagine being caught in a gold spider web.

A room with terrace

Ibuku Of the four bedrooms in the house, this is most certainly the master suite. Observe the magnificent bamboo parquet, the terrace and its hammock as well as the round bed. A little corner of paradise.

Terrace with view

Ibuku At the end of the upstairs house is this pretty terrace. The perfect place to meditate and observe the Balinese landscape. * Source: Ibuku *