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Wallpapers: the world of cuisine in the spotlight

Wallpapers: the world of cuisine in the spotlight

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Plates, cutlery, utensils, sweet treats: in the kitchen, nothing like a wallpaper in his image to decorate the walls. The best way to highlight the character trait of this piece that we like the most: its delicacy, its dishes, its recipes ...

XXL cutlery

Tracy Kendall ### In line with the interiors of the "home" or "grand century" style, we will be able to appreciate this wallpaper displaying in very large format, a chic trio of cutlery: knife, fork and spoon.

Cupcakes party

Graham & Brown ### The sweet sin of cooking is gluttony! She doesn't even try to hide it anymore, on the contrary ... Thanks to cupcake wallpaper, it's everywhere!

Tea time

Graham & Brown ### It's 5 pm, tea time with our English friends… and with us too since new orders! Increasingly multiplying the cups on the walls, the kitchen only approves this detox and comforting break ...

Credenza utensils

Leroy Merlin ### Hanging on mini credenza bars, utensils - spatulas, knives, whips, skimmers -, decorative pattern version, appropriate the kitchen wallpaper. But if the latter makes us crack, it is also thanks to the various recipes listed next to each of them: pancake batter, veal stew, mayonnaise, béchemel ... Fun and practical!

Dishes of all kinds

Graham & Brown ### Teapots, decanters, glasses, plates, dishes, trays all come with houndstooth prints and romantic patterns. In the kitchen, this dressing has a nice effect!

Stack of plates

Tracy Kendall ### Realistic and original, this stack of trompe-l'oeil plates invests a strip of wallpaper to duplicate the "beautiful dishes" effect in the kitchen. We love !

Coffee break

Leroy Merlin ### Homage to the fans of the early morning coffee with this wallpaper highly stocked with coffee… cups.