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Authenticity and fall decoration in a beautiful Stockholm apartment

Authenticity and fall decoration in a beautiful Stockholm apartment

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A clever mix of Scandinavian style, authentic charm and autumnal decoration, this superb 70 m2 apartment caught our eye. Ideally located on the island of Södermalm in Sweden, this is a place conducive to pampering ...

A warm living room

Fantastic Frank First step of the visit: the living room and its warm decoration. In addition to an elegant gray sofa and a mottled metal chandelier, it is the magnificent wood stove, arranged in the corner, which seduces and warms the atmosphere of the room.

A workshop style dining room

Fantastic Frank Adjacent to the living room, the dining room features a large table composed of a glass top and two trestles, in an authentic workshop spirit, reinforced by the mannequin installed at the corner of the room.

Authentic cuisine

Fantastic Frank Available in beige colors, the kitchen offers a very authentic atmosphere, made of vintage decoration, flea market spirit, all enhanced by a beautiful paneling on the wall, and a beige Smeg refrigerator, coordinated with the hood.

Flea market kitchen decoration

Fantastic Frank On the decor side, the kitchen is adorned with an elegant marble worktop and wooden and leather shelves on the wall. On the left, it is a back-to-back atmosphere with vegetal touches.

Cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

Fantastic Frank The night space is charming with its cocooning atmosphere. A huge bed, enhanced by a paneled headboard, two pretty hanging lamps and wooden blinds, ideal for dimming the light during the day.

A designer black and white bathroom

Fantastic Frank Between black and white tiles, stainless steel elements and small glass shelves, the bathroom of the apartment reveals a neat aesthetic.

Autumn colors

Fantastic Frank Scattered throughout the apartment, decorative accessories and plants in autumn colors subtly embellish the premises.

A terrace where life is good

Fantastic Frank What makes this apartment charming? A wooden terrace furnished with care using a sofa and an outdoor fabric armchair.

View of Swedish autumnal vegetation

Fantastic Frank From the terrace, you just have to bend down to admire the pleasant autumnal vegetation of the island of Södermalm.