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A bathroom imbued with softness

A bathroom imbued with softness

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To start the day without rushing too much, the bathroom must be a cocoon of softness. We then put on natural colors that will envelop you and help you start the day off on the right foot.

Seaside spirit

Lapeyre The softness of the seaside style will be ideal for waking you up in the morning. We put on a very soft gray with a touch of pink for the furniture and with a touch of blue on the walls. We then keep light colors to evoke the softness of the seaside.

Colonial spirit

Mobalpa The colonial style can welcome you gently by combining dark wooden furniture and light colored walls. Side windows, we put on shutters which will filter the light for a very warm atmosphere.

Hut spirit

Leroy Merlin Nestled under the eaves, your bathroom will look like a cabin with light wooden furniture and brown tones on the walls that will evoke the trees. You feel in this bathroom as in a refuge.

Zen spirit

Aquarine Go for the Zen style to wake up gently while you prepare in your bathroom. We put on gray and white tones that will bring a contrast and soften everything with light wood.

Chic spirit

Porcelanosa This stripped down bathroom is not a jewel of softness. The round bathtub is installed in the middle of the room on a light and soft parquet floor and it echoes the black of the basins which resembles large pots of flowers.

Scandinavian spirit

Leroy Merlin The Scandinavian style will be particularly suitable for a very soft bathroom. Thanks to its light wooden furniture, and its matching parquet that integrates into a bright white decor, the atmosphere will be warm, refined and elegant.

Design spirit

Espace Aubade Who says sweetness does not mean that we must exclude the design style. On the contrary, very light tones oscillating between white, beige and gray will create a shade of softness.

Classic spirit

Espace Aubade In this bathroom, the classic parquet floor sets the tone for the decor. Then, we chose lighter colors to let the parquet stand out and make it the centerpiece of the warm decor.

Lounge spirit

Espace Aubade To make this bathroom a real cocoon of softness, we designed the space like a living room with a beautiful shaggy carpet, very soft and a black armchair that contrasts with the light colors of the whole bathroom. .