A wooden Corsican villa

A wooden Corsican villa

Corsica and its magnificent landscapes, full of character ... It is in this beautiful country, not far from the pretty town of Porto-Vecchio that Villa Orso is located. Nestled in a mountainous landscape, this beautiful wooden and stone building offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Visit.

The all-wood kitchen

The Collectionist La Villa Orso offers its tenants very nice volumes. The kitchen is no exception to the rule, you can see that the materials from outside the house have been preserved. The furniture panels are covered with beautiful wood which gives character to the room.

The sea as far as the eye can see

The Collectionist In Corsica, the sea is never far away. From the living room of the villa, you can see the Mediterranean. The living room has been decorated in beautiful light tones, like putty-colored sofas. Like everywhere in the house, there is a touch of natural wood on the lampposts.

The perfect terrace

The Collectionist Have breakfast in the sun, eyes on the sea. It is possible with this beautiful terrace. We find the same type of elements there as inside the house: wood is inviting by touches in the decoration, both in the coffee table and on the arms of beautiful dark gray armchairs.

Beautiful decoration, down to the smallest detail

The Collectionist Each decorative element of Villa Orso has been finely chosen. Up to the shower head by the pool, in brass and ceramic.

Cemented walls for the TV room

The Collectionist To always keep this spirit "close to nature", the owners of the house have chosen a resolutely modern concrete effect for the walls of the TV room.

The room of the Aztecs

The Collectionist Each of the eight rooms has been decorated differently. Here, in the middle of a very sober decoration, next to a pretty wooden floor lamp, the bed is covered with linen with Aztec prints.

A rustic and chic room

The Collectionist In this room, you can easily find the decorative spirit of the rest of the house. Sober colors and woody touches.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom

The collectionist The woody touches of the decoration extend even into the bathrooms. In it, wall and furniture are completely covered for a very natural effect.

Dinner with a view

Le Collectionist An outdoor dining room has been set up on the lounge terrace. It has a light wooden table, spacious enough to accommodate 10 people. * Source: The Collectionist *