Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens

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** The history of the Pottery Gardens of Hillen begins a little over 20 years ago, with the crush of Renate and Lutz Hillen for an agricultural property in the Hautes-Pyrénées. At the time, the promise came down to 5 hectares of heavy, sticky soil, planted with only 6 old trees. A desolate land whose hedges had practically disappeared. Never mind, they will be replanted, favoring endemic species. At the same time, the gardens are taking shape: rose gallery, northern garden, exotic garden, gourmet garden with a medieval influence… Through the seasons and by shining around the dwelling, Renate and Lutz give life and color to this ancient agricultural land. In doing so, they realize their desire to create a space of biodiversity where man, fauna and flora coexist harmoniously. Without forgetting the art, which mixes with the party and invites itself on both sides of the garden. And the works that we come across are not there by chance, since they come straight out of the pottery workshop of Renate and Lutz. The demonstration of the talent of the owners of the places for working the land - whether vegetable or modeling - is thus done and well done. **

Hillen Pottery Gardens

the Hillen Pottery Gardens Power and simplicity escape from the basins that punctuate the basin and some of which measure up to 2 meters in diameter.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens Here is a quiet presence which challenges and invites the visitor, in turn, to stop and rest.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens The gardens are punctuated by a few ponds, including this contemporary basin created by the owners. Measuring 15 meters long by 3 wide, it is bordered by a slate bed and surrounded by lush vegetation composed of grasses, euphorbias, boxwood ...

Hillen Pottery Gardens

the Pottery Gardens Hillen Renate and Lutz have succeeded in transforming the old body of water into a peaceful mirror embellished with aquatic plants.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

the Pottery Gardens Hillen While catching the eye, the potteries circulate the eye on the surrounding massifs whose shapes and colors they highlight.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens The vegetable garden is also used by pottery and sculptures whose themes vary with the seasons.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens Here, nature is taken both as material, inspiration and exhibition setting.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens Among other remarkable elements, the gardens have two wooden galleries made by the owners. The chestnut wood structure is joined by tenons and mortises, to create a solid support capable of serving as a stake for roses and climbing plants.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens The branches stretching up towards the sky respond beautifully to the scrolls of this wrought iron spiral.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

Hillen Pottery Gardens The era when only 6 trees punctuated the estate is a thing of the past. Thanks to the passion and work of Renate and Lutz, the soil was amended and embellished with more than 7,000 plants.


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