10 desserts from our childhood

10 desserts from our childhood

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We all have an unforgettable memory of the desserts that rocked our childhood ... Today, they are timeless and modernize with new ingredients. Unmissable classics including our grandmothers' cakes, here are simple recipes to bring these timeless pastries up to date!

Homemade palm

A Bowl of Mush Remember, you were making whims to have a big palm tree straight out of the baker's oven! Recreate these little heart-shaped cookies yourself instead of buying them already made at the supermarket. Source: A Bowl of Mush

Rice pudding like at grandma's!

Weasel cooking Exit industrial rice pudding! Make this dessert with your little hands in 10 minutes flat with simply (as the name suggests) white rice, milk and a vanilla pod! Bake 45 minutes in the oven and voila. Source:

Revisit the must-see floating island

A love of gluttony Give this light dessert the air of mystery ice by opting for this revisited version of Christophe Michalak, the great pastry chef of the famous palace Plaza-Athénée in Paris. As beautiful as it is good! Source:

Chocolate mousse to die for

Louise's whims Who doesn't love chocolate mousse? And who has never dreamed of finding the taste of the one he ate when he was ten? Let your children live your taste memories! To decorate with small colored candies on top of the dessert. Source:

I give my tongue to the cat!

B for Good Here is a very simple recipe for making cat tongues as thin as they are crunchy. The extra tip? Sprinkle the slivered almond paste or dip one end in chocolate. Now that you are a certain age, you can dip them in coffee! Source:

Vanilla madeleines by Philippe Conticini

Scally.typepad Inimitable small cakes, madeleines go back in time without aging! This recipe signed Philippe Conticini, the co-founder and the pastry chef of Pâtisserie des Rêves. And you will see, it's worth the detour! Source:

The unbeatable recipe for tarte tatin

The Culinary Refinery When we know that this pastry originally comes from a failed cake, we tell ourselves that we should make culinary mistakes more often! To surely succeed in your tarte tatin, follow the advice of La Raffinerie Culinaire. Source:

A chef's blank!

Les Délices de Capu Give the traditional flan a facelift with this dough-free recipe drawn from Christophe Michalak's book. Source: Les Délices de Capu

A spilled cream like no other

Noémie's Kitchen To concoct this revisited dessert, swap classic cow's milk for almond milk! A super gourmet dessert to cook in a double boiler ... which will delight your taste buds and make you travel a few years back. Source: Noémie's kitchen