My fridge makes the show in decoration

My fridge makes the show in decoration

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Beyond its primary functionality, the refrigerator has become a decorative element in its own right, which has a lot to do with the style of the kitchen. Whatever the size or color of your room, it is important to choose the right device. We have selected current models of fridges, which could perfectly find their place in your home!

A stainless steel appliance in a colorful kitchen

Beko If the walls of your kitchen are painted with a pop color or if a section of the wall is colored, opt for a stainless steel refrigerator, which will match any color. The ideal is to have other elements made of the same material (sink, household appliances, etc.) for more harmony. Price: 1050 euros

Hide your fridge

Cuisinella For an optimal design in your kitchen, opt for a built-in fridge that you can barely distinguish when you arrive in the room. Choose storage spaces with almost invisible handles and you will have all the more space to move around the central island.

A mini travel fridge

Amazon If you have to travel a lot throughout the year and want to keep food fresh, this portable device is for you! Light and practical, it can be carried like a suitcase, with a handle. Price: 111 euros at Amazon

A fridge in the continuity of the credenza

Ikea This year, the Ikea catalog supports the trend of metallic shades with this golden splashback, the motif of which continues on the fridge. A way to customize your device while creating visual harmony.

Insulate your refrigerator from kitchen elements

Purpose In a wooden kitchen or a room with a pronounced style, you can choose not to integrate your fridge into your kitchen elements. In this case, place it against a section of colored wall, which will highlight it well and which will be more practical for moving around if you have a large family.

A practical and functional device

Samsung When choosing your refrigerator, don't forget to take a look at its ergonomic and practical features. This model of the Samsung brand is also a freezer and has a very well thought out drawer to access the products located at the bottom of the fridge. Price: 675 euros at IMénager

An alternative for the undecided

Smeg If you dare not buy a colored refrigerator but you find that the white or stainless steel models do not stand out enough in the room, here is a good compromise. Choose a beige appliance, which will go very well in any type of kitchen. Price: 1887 euros at Amazon

Dare the immaculate fridge

Siemens With this type of appliance, your kitchen will be resolutely modern while being timeless. Choose a well-compartmented fridge like this Siemens appliance, and remember to clean it regularly. Price: 749 euros at La Redoute

Opt for a black fridge

Stadshem A touch of retro, this Smeg refrigerator is ideal in a graphic kitchen. Its glossy finish brings a chic and elegant side to the room. Install the unit at an angle or against a work surface. Price: 1280 euros at Ubaldi