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Madam Stoltz, decoration halfway between Denmark and India

Madam Stoltz, decoration halfway between Denmark and India

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Madam Stoltz is a pretty Danish decoration brand that was born in 1995. Founded by Pernille Stoltz, passionate about travel and crafts, the little brand has come a long way since its creation! Between rustic style and ethnic decoration, today we find a sharp selection of accessories for home and everyday life, lighting, dishes and various textiles. Discover the new fall / winter styles through 10 emblematic objects that will undoubtedly make you fall in love!

Nostalgia for childhood

Madam Stoltz Back to childhood guaranteed with these small polka dot bowls, which plunge us back into the carefree era of gourmet snacks! Their small size makes it possible to accommodate a scented tea, or quite simply salty elements at the time of the aperitif.

Raw materials for a refined decoration

Madam Stoltz Far from a formatted decoration, Madam Stoltz gives pride of place to raw materials associated with contemporary design. Pernille Stoltz makes it a point of honor to visit India several times a year in order to choose each product from the future collection herself. Between Scandinavian decoration and ethnic atmosphere, we succumb to the sharp selection of the Danish brand!

Green in my decor

Madam Stoltz The ubiquity of concrete is pushing us more and more to adopt the green attitude once we get home. Mini-gardens are now appearing on window sills and in all rooms of the house! Addicts of plants and plants of all kinds, you will find at Madam Stoltz a multitude of plant pots and globes with delicate contours, which will become a jewel of choice for your prettiest varieties.

Ethnic accessories set the tone!

Madam Stoltz What if you twist your walls with pretty accessories instead of the traditional frames and posters? The designers of Madam Stoltz took part in the exercise, from which we are inspired without moderation to revamp our interior this winter.

A basket to do everything

Madam Stoltz We find in the Madam Stoltz catalog many accessories in wire, specialty of the Danish brand. From the magazine rack to the lantern or the wall decorations, this ultra graphic material has the advantage of being flexible while being very solid. It was on the storage side that it was used here, via a collection of small handy baskets. We slip them on the console of the entry, the office and the kitchen to store the bazaar of everyday life.

Back to essential values

Madam Stoltz Back in the past with this pretty zinc bowl with a retro look: presented here in a fruit basket, it can just as easily be used as a magazine rack or storage basket!

A showcase of choice for its green plants

Madam Stoltz We love these aged metal plant pots, which surprisingly contrast with the plants they house. When the raw materials mix with the delicacy of plants, we applaud the decorative rendering!

Natural cooking

Madam Stoltz The designers of the Madam Stoltz brand have chosen to revisit salad servers by bringing them a very contemporary rounded shape. To be used without moderation, in picnic as on the occasion of more chic dinners.

Mix styles and atmospheres!

Madam Stoltz It's no longer a secret, Lady Jeanne is the essential accessory for personalized Scandinavian decoration! Madam Stoltz is offering it this season in black, transparent glass and copper for a semi-industrial, semi-contemporary touch.


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