Fireplace accessories for all styles

Fireplace accessories for all styles

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If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, you must now accessorize it. There is no shortage of valets, firewalls and other accessories on the market. We have prepared a selection for you that should satisfy all styles.

A vintage firewall

Decoclico If you love vintage, then this model of metal firewall from Décoclico is for you. * Décoclico firewall, * ** 105 € ** * More information on: Decoclico *

The romantic firewall

Delamaison If you are romantic in nature, go ahead and fall for this very nice Delamaison gray metal firewall. * Delamaison gray metal firewall, * ** € 57.50 ** * More information on: Delamaison *

The most modern

Amazon If the decoration of your living room is rather modern or if you simply want to be able to admire your chimney fire at any time, this Amazon glass firewall is what you are looking for. * Amazon glass firewall, *** € 79.99 ** * More information on: Amazon *

The very classic wicker basket

Lemarquier When you have a fireplace, it is more practical to always have logs on hand. This is why this very nice wicker basket was created, ideal if you have a cozy or classic decoration. * Lemarquier wicker basket, * ** 45 € ** * More information on: Lemarquier *

Modern storage

Delamaison For those who would prefer more modern storage, this bubble locker will certainly do the trick. * Delamaison wood rack, * ** € 391.90 ** * More information on: Delamaison *

Old fashioned andirons

The air shop They are just as essential as a firewall. Arranged in your fireplace, the andirons are used to support the logs and allow air to circulate for better combustion of the wood. This wrought iron model topped with golden balls sold by the air shop is all that is most classic. * Chenets La Boutique de l'Air, * ** 36 € ** * More information on: La boutique de l'air *

Resolutely modern

Lemarquier For those who have a rather modern fireplace, very simple andirons made of smooth iron will go perfectly with your tastes. They will bring a touch of modernity to a classic fireplace or go very well with a modern fireplace. * Chenets Lemarquier, * ** 149 € ** * More information on: Lemarquier *

The valet

Nature and Discoveries To move the incandescent logs or sweep the cold ashes, you will need a jack. * Nature and discoveries fireplace valet, * ** € 39.95 ** * More information on: Nature and Discoveries *

Revive the ashes

Nature and Discoveries Nothing is more sad than a chimney fire which dies when the logs have not been completely consumed. To change the endless bellows, opt for a bouffadou made of natural wood. Guaranteed efficiency. * Bouffadou Nature et Découvertes, * ** € 17.95 ** * More information on: Nature et Découvertes *


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