Unusual vases, very chic bouquets

Unusual vases, very chic bouquets

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Fortunately for our morale and our decor, the floral arrangements also shine in autumn and winter. But to give them more style, here is a selection of unusual vases to adopt urgently ...


Gambs ### Semi Pantone style for these water drop vases which do not fail to inject a good-looking color chart into the decor.


Fly ### Thick black contours with a "marker" effect nicely highlight the silhouette of this very arty vase. A subtle way to create an impression of extra flat volume when you admire the vase from a distance…


Ferm Living ### The piece we need to reinforce our cocooning decor, here it is! A knitted vase with large mesh came to cover the flowers in a warm coat.


Truffaut ### If the success of incandescent bulbs is down, their decorative look is up! Demonstration with this series in variable formats whose style "diversion of objects" and translucent silhouette infuses a nice note shifted at home.


Ferm Living ### "Absolute nature" inspiration for this vase dressed in bark. Because in autumn, we revel in raw wooden decorations echoing the forest universe!

In balance

Zygote ### To be placed at the corner of a chest of drawers, these vases with a fine support covering the corner of the furniture, amaze us with their game of balance.


Ferm Living ### Nice assortment of ultra geometric, white or gray, round or angular vases. It remains to elect our favorite!


Marre Moerel ### Branches have grown on this funny tree-shaped vase. Visually surprising, and practical for adding a few flowers!


Becquet ### We love these purple terracota creations adorned with an aged effect whose design is reminiscent of handmade soaps. Strangely original!


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