The gardens of Eyrignac

The gardens of Eyrignac

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** We are not far from Lascaux, in the Périgord Noir, at the foot of the Eyrignac manor. In front of us is a 200 hectare preserved domain, part of which is structured in French gardens elegantly punctuated with a touch of fantasy borrowed from the Italian Renaissance. These gardens, born in the 17th century, were able to regain their original spirit thanks to the inspired work of their previous owner. More than 40 years later, the new generation has taken over and watches with passion the evolution of plants that were only 20 cm tall when they were planted. However, the spirit of the French garden was already there, with its topiaries, its green rooms, its boxwood embroidery and its French-style flowerbeds that were taking shape. Since then, the Eyrignac gardens have acquired their letters of nobility at the same time as the plantations have grown. Visit of the estate. **

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander The garden has been reinvented by Gilles Sermadiras, the father of the current owner. For this, he sought to remake it as it should be in the 18th century. To find both form and spirit, he had to be inspired and look in the garden for all traces of the past such as low walls, stairs, old pond, etc.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander Impressive by its straightness and its height, the yew wall is punctuated by numerous doors which open onto the rest of the garden.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander Contrary to what a quick glance might suggest, flowers are not absent from Eyrignac. The garden hosts spring bulbs, summer bulbs, roses, annuals and some perennials chosen for their blue flowering: Hibiscus syriacus, Potentilla "Goldfinger" and deciduous Ceanothe "Glory of Versailles" are some of the varieties that you can discover around the French-style flowerbed.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander The Eyrignac gardens welcome more than 700 white roses belonging to 5 different varieties and which find their place naturally ... in the white garden. If flowering begins in May, the presence of ascending varieties allows you to enjoy roses and scents until frosts.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eyrignac Let us continue our floral journey with the spectacle of the flowering of summer bulbs in the florist garden. Annuals accompany the flowering of dahlias: cosmos, asters and phlox come to provide these tall beds while bringing them a touch of color and lightness.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander Round, square, slender forms ... The Eyrignac garden uses all available volumes to create compositions combining rigor and fantasy.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander Here, the glance is worth less for botany than for the charm and the organization of life in the countryside. In the foreground, the fish pond that welcomes the fish until they are eaten. In the background, the old stables of the estate.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander Rich in information, the site allows you to follow month after month the work in the garden through a work schedule. Are we in October? Our gardeners are hard at work to track down the last wilted flowers and complete the preparations for before winter such as weeding the beds, cutting the edges and scarifying the lawns.

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eyrignac During the summer, a picnic in music and in white is organized every Monday evening in the white garden. The sesame to enjoy the magic of the light of the end of the day in the rose garden and notes that escape from it? Wear a touch of white and give free rein to your indulgence.


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