Long live patterned carpets!

Long live patterned carpets!

Prized because they warm and insulate both thermally and thermally the interior, the carpets are even more pampered when they are printed with decorative patterns! An additional advantage in line with functional AND beautiful floor coverings, for which our decorative senses completely fall for it. Especially since the soiling is camouflaged by the drawings: this is practical! Quickly, discover our 10 favorite copies, all signed Saint Maclou.

My beautiful stars

Saint Maclou ### A miracle cure for the cold of winter, the carpet reveals its share of dreams and imagination by surrounding itself with starry patterns. And the Milky Way path, designed by Stella Cadente, takes shape poetically under our feet…

Rows of peas

Saint Maclou ### Turquoise, green or white; small, medium or large, the peas, distributed in rows on a gray background, cheerfully energize the carpet.

Scottish tiles in the crosshairs

Saint Maclou ### Available in the form of patterns printed on the carpet, the Scottish tiles display, at our feet, a style that is both chic and masculine.

Line of wacky patterns

Saint Maclou ### Quirky, this carpet surrounded by rows high in wacky patterns, invites pep and fantasy in the living room.

Pebble beach

Saint Maclou ### Well-being also involves choosing a soft and visually soothing carpet. This is the case of this model, whose patterns in the form of mini pebbles propels us straight off the Atlantic.

Stripes with bayadères chocolate version

Saint Maclou ### Thanks to extra large bayadères in mocha or chocolate color, the carpet has a new look. We love !

The carpet stands checkered

Saint Maclou ### Designed by Stella Cadente, this plaid carpet surfing on a black, gray and white color chart, offers a tiled and stylized effect on the floor without losing its warm rendering.

Thin line trio

Saint Maclou ### Dotted with small fine lines at equal distance, this feminine and girly carpet enters the courtyard of personalized floors, no longer content with just a solid color.

Earth globes create optical illusion

Saint Maclou ### A little extravagant, this carpet multiplies the impressions of terrestrial globes while sowing a globular effect on the ground. The optical illusion in the foreground!