RiO: ​​a range of furniture combining water and metal

RiO: ​​a range of furniture combining water and metal

Rio is a range of garden furniture offered by Jarditour and more particularly by Guillaume Torres, its creator. It was launched in June 2015, and was exhibited at Jardins en Seine and Jardins, Jardin. Customizable, design and 100% French, the Rio range has everything to seduce. Here is the editor's favorite!

A table of water and metal

Jarditour Passionate about water in gardens, Guillaume Torres therefore imagined a table made of water and metal to introduce water games in any outdoor space, even the smallest.

Birth of Rio

Jarditour The first model in the Rio range was built in the family factory, specializing in stainless steel medical furniture. Stainless steel is used by Guillaume Torres in all of his creations. It offers it in different finishes: shiny, brushed, black or personalized stainless steel.

A designer table

Jarditour The table top is made of clear glass or sandblasted glass. Thus a play of transparency and matter is staged with water. This tray is also customizable.

Water at the heart of creations

Jarditour The catcher tray takes the shape and color you want and adapts to the space in which the table will be installed. A link to a basin or a swimming pool is possible.

Personalized creations

Jarditour The models in the Rio range are all personalized. Thus, they adapt perfectly to their environment and can be suitable for personal or professional use (bars, restaurants ...).

At the Jardins en Seine show

Jarditour The Rio range was presented for the first time to an audience of professionals and individuals at the Jardins en Seine fair in Suresnes.

On the Jardins, Jardin show

Jarditour The Rio range was then presented on Jardins, Jardin, a famous event that takes place in the heart of Paris, at the Tuileries. It's decided, Guillaume Torres launches out in the realization of this range of furniture, for our greatest pleasure!

Made in France

Jarditour Each model in the Rio range is made to order. The design and manufacturing are 100% French.

Water in the spotlight

Jarditour Water, always present and essential for Guillaume Torres, brings freshness to our interior. Indeed, this element soothes and brings a natural decorative touch, by combining with the design of the furniture. For more information: Jarditour, rue de Beauchêne, LIMOURS, 06 16 11 85 72.