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Architect's advice: create a single room for parents and their child

Architect's advice: create a single room for parents and their child

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Arranging two spaces in a bedroom, and in this case a children's space in the parental bedroom, is an increasingly common situation, most often suffered more than chosen. So when space constraints do not make it possible to set up a real bedroom for a young child, how can living together be as pleasant as possible? What solutions to preserve privacy, if only visual, and the space of each, while waiting for the acquisition of a larger accommodation?

A single room for parents and their child: a removable partition

Angélique BLANC In this 5.32 mx 4.05 m room, the parent and child areas are created by installing a removable partition. Ideal when the surface allows, this partition is made up of simple bars fixed to the ceiling to which panels are added, here covered with blue wallpaper on the child's side and gray on the parents' side. The partition can be closed with a double-sided curtain. This easy-to-use system offers the possibility of actually creating two atmospheres in the room. Everyone can therefore afford to choose the colors of their walls.

A single room for parents and their child: a bookcase headboard

Angélique BLANC In this 4.10 mx 3.80 m room, the sleeping area for the little girl in the foyer was installed at the back of the room, near the window. Here installed, the little girl is as much as possible isolated from the noise of the house and her parents will not wake her up when going to bed since the parental bed is located at the entrance of the room. A general harmony of colors reigns in this room, and it is by a piece of furniture that the two sleeping areas are separated. This tall unit acts as a headboard for parents and a bookcase for children.

A single room for parents and their child: a four-poster bed and a cabin bed

Angélique BLANC In this 5 mx 2.40 m long room, the surface does not allow the room to be divided into two spaces by means of a partition or a piece of furniture. It is the beds themselves, as the only furniture in the room, that create a separation of the spaces. The matrimonial bed is equipped with a canopy on which are hung white draperies which can completely close the bed and preserve the privacy of the parents. On the other side of the room, the children's area is made up of a high cabin bed with a fabric roof, and a play area under the sleeping area. Colors and bedding differentiate the two spaces and create two warm and cozy atmospheres.