XXL wardrobes

XXL wardrobes

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For those fortunate enough to have a large space where to set up a vast dressing room, the inspirations begin here!


Ikea ### This giant wardrobe crossing the entire width of the bedroom has chosen to stand out behind the curtains, only half hiding it. Because when you have a dream wardrobe, you might as well participate in the decor!


Ikéa ### A simple wardrobe chosen in an extra large version is sometimes enough to afford a wardrobe of choice and size. We particularly like this one for a question of light. Chic and practical the mini spots fixed on its upper part! The best way to see clearly at the bottom of its drawers.

Separate room

Ikéa ### The great class of XXL dressing is to make a room apart. No need to explain why this space exclusively dedicated to the wardrobe is such a dream…


Alinéa U-shaped, this vast dressing room occupies a room all by itself, to the delight of its owners and their proportionately large wardrobe.

XXL dressing

Fly ## In the corner ### Forming a nice L, this maxi dressing located in the whole corner of the room seduces us by its "2 in 1" aspect, ideal when we share the wardrobe.

Tall and tall

La Redoute ### This wardrobe is almost as wide in width as it is in height. Ideal for storing your wardrobe out of season in high lockers and keeping the most useful at hand.

Parental suite

Leroy Merlin ### Separated from the bedroom by a transparent sliding door, this dressing boosts the privileged style of the "parental suite" with a high-end taste.