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10 pieces of furniture that slip everywhere

10 pieces of furniture that slip everywhere

Not easy to build a small apartment! Are you running out of space and are you looking for creative ideas to optimize the space in your home? Many solutions exist to save space while maintaining optimal comfort. Rolling furniture, mini size or modular and upgradable furniture will fit perfectly into any corner of your apartment and will bring a decorative touch to your interior.

A rolling table for a changing interior

Saint Maclou Mobile furniture is the decorative ally of small spaces. Ultra-practical, this coffee table on casters will allow you to modulate the space according to your needs. Against a wall to enlarge the space or in the center of the room surrounded by sofas to bring a cocooning and decorative touch to your living room.

Nooks to exploit

Leroy Merlin Slightly optimized, nooks and crannies can be a clever and practical way to save space in your bathroom. The modern design of this corner unit makes it possible to effectively organize the space and will adapt to all styles.

Small in sizeā€¦ large in storage capacity

Lapeyre The Mini One furniture is the most trendy space saving furniture of the moment. Compact and practical, it can be installed in every corner of the bathroom thanks to its shallow depth. All in one, it includes three drawers, a vanity top and two towel racks. Ultra design, the facades with very structured lines bring a touch of elegance to the bathroom.

A portable fireplace

Alfra Conceived under the sign of practicality, this sublime fireplace will bring conviviality in your daily life and a design touch in your interior. Its small size will allow you, according to your desires, to store it in your closet or expose it to the eyes of your guests.

A built-in pouffe

Delamaison Ideal for enjoying a little moment of relaxation, you will fall in love with the comfort of the seat on this seat and the built-in pouffe that will allow you to rest your feet with ease. To create a small reading corner or to complete the number of seats in your living room, it becomes a practical ally for small spaces.

A smart sofa

National Bed The evening is drawing to a close and you are reluctant to offer your friend an overnight stay. Thanks to the Quatr'un sofa, all your problems go away. Clever, the two articulated backrests allow three successive positions, from the sofa to the extra bed.

A folding table

4 feet Because of the lack of space in your living room, you have definitely given up integrating a table in your space. Thanks to it, you no longer have to worry about this detail. Ingenious, it turns into a piece of furniture when it is closed where you can store the 6 folding chairs. Depending on the number of guests, you can open one or two flaps.

Practical and functional tables

BoConcept Ideal in a small apartment, the nesting tables will allow you to save floor space while offering you multiple decorative possibilities. Built into each other on a daily basis, arranged here and there as an occasional chair when you receive friends or family.

A scalable coffee table

Delamaison No need to accumulate in your office lounge and coffee table. Thanks to its lifting platform, this two in one very practical will offer you the possibility of eating or working with all the necessary comfort. Tray that also hides a new storage space inside the table.