10 scary gardens to visit on Halloween evenings

10 scary gardens to visit on Halloween evenings

On October 31, monsters, vampires and other witches will be out. Want to mark the event and looking for ideas to decorate your garden in Halloween colors? has concocted a selection of original ideas to awaken your creativity and give a festive air to your green space. Discovery in pictures.

A sinister cemetery

BHG There is nothing more frightening than a cemetery at dusk where frightening corpses come out of their graves. So, give the outside of your house a haunted cemetery look by making fake tombstones. A real breeze if you use large boxes, gray paint and you have a little imagination. More info on these DIY: BHG

Witches silhouettes

Instructables If at home, Halloween rhymes with witches, then this decoration, very simple to make, will be perfect. All you need to do is bring black paper, scissors and have a little patience. Stuck on a window or installed outside, in your garden, it has everything! To adopt without moderation. More info on this DIY: Instructables

Scary ghosts

HGTV Like witches or watches, ghosts are one of the most important symbols of Halloween and, therefore, an integral part of Halloween decor ideas for the outdoors to adopt. Wood, foam balls and fabric and voila! A great way to perfect its decoration in order to welcome hungry little monsters, hungry for sweets that will soon ring at your door. More info on this DIY: HGTV

A pumpkin-shaped terrarium

Luxe Happens Exit the traditional carved Halloween pumpkins. This year, we focus on originality and elegance with pretty terrariums that reproduce a small ecosystem. Simple and efficient ! More info on this DIY: Luxe Happens

A spooky fountain

Sarah Jones If the idea of ​​hollowing out and then carving a pumpkin cools you, opt for a fountain overflowing with spiders, snakes and other terrible insects. Terracotta pots, fake spider web, and some scary figurines, and voila! More info on this DIY: HGTV

A deadly sign

Nob Hill Design The simplest ideas are often the best, proof with this sign that will tell witches and little vampires of the day that they enter the heart of darkness, in a risk zone! More info on this DIY: Nob Hill Design

Bloody hands in pots

Sew Woodsy Flower pots, soil and bloody hands are all you need to reproduce this original Halloween decoration. Easy and quick to make, your children can even participate. More info on this DIY: Sew Woodsy

Scary eyes

Princess and The Frog Blog - Instructables Don't have time to get into long preparations? That's good ! We have unearthed for you two DIY easy and quick to make which will inevitably have their little effect in the evening. The idea is simple: make XXL eyes that you will then install in your tree. For more effect, when it is dark, do not forget to light them. Guaranteed effect! More info on these DIY: Princess and The Frog Blog - Instructables

A carved pumpkin

Martha Stewart Creating a Halloween universe using pumpkin is possible! Cut, dig, sculpt your pumpkins, add eyes to them and you are in possession of an original pumpkin! A different way to decorate the symbolic lantern of the month of October. More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart