These mirrors that preside over the bathroom

These mirrors that preside over the bathroom

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Narcissus fell into the water by dint of admiring its reflection, we, it is under the spell of certain mirrors that we fall by dint of admiring its style. This is precisely the case for the following models. Their design and look is so cute that they come to dominate the entire bathroom…


Castorama ### Playing it "star lodge", this mirror with pink points of light caused a sensation in the bathroom. So glamorous!


Ikéa ### Sublime decorative performance for this oval gold mirror, which, framed by luminous sconces, does not want to go unnoticed. But with his star profile, it does not risk!

All round

Ikéa ### How can you resist this adorable round mirror like a ball hanging on the end of a slung thread? As chic as cute.


AM.PM ### Several mirrors are better than one to make a strong impression in the decor! It is at least the very successful bias of this bathroom, which has become a romantic gallery of mirrors.

Work of art

Leroy Merlin ### The specialty of this mirror? Take yourself for a work of art. Thanks to a red frame similar to that of a decorative canvas, the visual sham works!


Ferm Living ### But there is nothing extraordinary about this mirror! Is that so ? We find him a great thing because of his game "trompe-l'oeil". Like what, a layout right above the window, with the same dimensions, and a false "duplication of mirror" effect, is sometimes enough to create astonishment ... big!


Ikéa ### And two! Indeed, this model also uses the magnifying effect to ensure the highest step of the podium in the bathroom. Without counting on its round look which only increases the result tenfold.