U-shaped cooking is practical!

U-shaped cooking is practical!

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The layout of your kitchen is not decided lightly because it is what will set the tone for your room both in terms of functionality and style. Let's put aside the kitchens in I and L to focus on the practicality of the kitchen in U. This model is very family and allows the cook to optimize the space to better concoct good dishes. Here is our selection to inspire you before designing your room.

A dining area in the kitchen

Castorama In this small kitchen, the space is intelligently optimized thanks to an L-shaped worktop and a dining area in the continuity of the room. You can cook while your children have breakfast or taste them.

Storage at the four corners of the room

Ikea To create a clever U-shaped kitchen, you don't need to fix classic kitchen elements. You can simply install furniture on feet in front of each other to better circulate in the room and be able to cook more easily.

An open but defined kitchen

Aviva In an American kitchen, it is not always easy to delimit the kitchen space from the living room. To counter this problem, a work surface or a snack area just in front of an entrance will partition the space and thus better delimit it.

Having a kitchen bar

Mobalpa If you have a narrow kitchen, a bar counter can be a good solution for lunch on the go and be able to have different activities in the same room without being shy. Add bar stools and voila!

Ingenious storage

Ixina Often, the kitchen cupboards overflow and the room is sorely lacking in storage. In this open U-shaped kitchen, this is not the case since the tall storage units allow you to store a maximum of bulky crockery and utensils.

A dining table in the kitchen

Castorama If your kitchen is also used as a dining room, a U-shaped layout is ideal because it can lead directly onto this famous kitchen table. Coming and going between the two spaces is therefore easier, especially if you have young children.

Scandinavian cuisine

Purpose In this Scandinavian-style all-wood kitchen, the numerous storage spaces and appliances are subtly hidden to create visual harmony. Your guests will only see fire, and yet you will have a significant place to store your sets.

Optimize space

Conforama For easier use of the kitchen, remember to put high storage on two levels so as not to confine yourself to the cupboards located under the worktops. Open niches can also be attached to the walls to use the angles formed by the layout.

Play with colors and textures

Kitchen Plus To bring a decorative touch to the kitchen, do not opt ​​for monochrome storage elements in a U-shaped room. Paint a section of wall in a bright complexion, play on the levels with designer suspensions, open shelves or even a retractable table.

A small functional kitchen

My home concept If small kitchens are popular, they must be optimized so that no square centimeter is forgotten! This is the case with this room which benefits from a large work surface - which allows the appliance to be built in - and high storage space.

Furnish a large kitchen

Ikea This improvised U-shaped kitchen with clever furniture is very practical for overworked housewives! Additional storage such as the trolley on wheels or the console with drawers delimits the central space.

Pop cuisine

Cuisinella Everything you need to make delicious recipes is expertly concentrated in this two-color cuisine. We love the worktop in the same shade as the credenza, which significantly enlarges the space.

One room, several activities

Lareduc kitchen In this U-shaped kitchen, the storage units have all been installed on the same side in order to have a more refined surface for cooking and a cluttered dining area. Result: each part of the room has its functionality.

Create a practical cocoon

Castorama Who says small kitchen does not necessarily say lack of space to cook. The proof, this U-shaped layout is optimal in the few square meters that make up the room. The little extra? The ultra practical corner unit.

A friendly counter

Hygena An American kitchen does not only consist of a long worktop. It can also be designed in a U-shape like this room which has a counter where you can have a drink with friends before eating or eating lunch quickly.

Divert an L-shaped kitchen

Comera Kitchens Your room does not allow you to make a real U-shaped kitchen or you do not want to have too large kitchen elements? Consider fitting your refrigerator and cupboards to have a smooth wall section and save space.

Create a partition between the kitchen and the living room

Leroy Merlin If your kitchen leads directly to your living room, a U-shaped layout allows you to separate the two rooms with a work surface or a dining area for example. It will also be easier to move around in the kitchen.

Extend a kitchen in length

Aviva A white kitchen is ideal for giving an impression of grandeur to the room. The wooden worktop and the dark walls nicely bring out the closed storage. The little extra? The silver handles for the chic side.

Different storage levels

Castorama Here, in order not to clutter up the worktop, the cupboards are located high up and the splash bars allow you to store the utensils used on a daily basis. The most imposing storage spaces are outside the kitchen, in the living room, for more convenience when setting the table.