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Mine of ideas recovered all in wood

Mine of ideas recovered all in wood

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Are you looking for natural ideas for decorating your interior? The following slideshow was full of tips, and gives you ideas for recycling wooden boards, branches, tree trunks ...

A recovered bedside lamp

AM.PM ### We create an original bedside lamp. To do this, simply attach it to a reclaimed wooden board to be placed vertically, next to the bed.

Wooden boards to create a "headboard" effect

Blanc des Vosges ### Better than a classic headboard, there are simple but unusual creations that enhance the sleeping area. We like the idea of ​​raw wooden boards fixed behind our pillows. Naturally daring.

A wine crate as a storage basket

AM.PM ### Rather than throwing away the wine boxes, we recycle them in storage boxes. A simple idea but funnily practical! Especially since we quickly fell for its industrial style, very trendy.

Remains of wooden planks that have become wall shelves

AM.PM ### In your DIY stock, do you have a few pieces of wooden planks left? Attach them to the wall using nails and straps to transform them into extra shelves.

Logs as harnesses

AM.PM ### Sawed in a rectangular shape, these small wooden logs settle around the sofa so that the owners can put books, snacks and laptop there. What to replace our good old harnesses!

Handling pallets to form an office

Leroy Merlin ### Generally made of wood, pallets for handling are now invited into the office before being diverted into a workspace at a lower cost. An ingenious assembly to copy urgently!

Wooden shutters to improvise a headboard

AM.PM ### Stuck in a flea market, or found at the bottom of the attic, wooden shutters can transform, once placed behind our pillow, into an unusual and 100% natural headboard. Chic!

A birch trunk to support suspensions

AM.PM ### How not to want to copy the idea chosen in this dining room: a birch trunk hanging horizontally from the ceiling. An original way to give volume to the pendant lights that light up the table…

A wooden board as a coffee table

Leroy Merlin ### Incredible but true. By fixing a series of 4 casters on a wooden board, you create a coffee table or a TV stand at a low cost.

A wooden pallet diverted to a kitchen table

Ready Made Are you dreaming of an original and inexpensive kitchen table? With a few wooden pallets recovered from a construction site and a little elbow grease, the kitchen turns into a cocooning space in a very natural spirit.

Oars for hanging clothes

Castorama If you want to bring a marine touch to your interior decoration you will not hesitate to transform your old oars into pretty coat hooks for all your clothes. And, to bring a touch of fantasy to these you will customize them by bringing touches of white and bluish color.

Natural wallcovering

Castorama For an original and trendy wall decoration cover all or part of your walls with aged planks of wood to create a decor with natural, Zen or even contemporary accents.

A driftwood mirror

Maisons du monde If you want to bring a natural, authentic or Nordic atmosphere to your living room, it's simple! Take a commercially purchased mirror and driftwood sticks that you will stick or screw carefully on the mirror.

An eco-friendly children's bed

Cabin spirit You run out of space in your child's room and you have a limited budget, opt for a trendy, design and economical solution with this bed made using handling elements mounted on casters.

A wooden outdoor set

Scandinavian cocktail At a time when ecology and economy are important values ​​when choosing decoration, the trend is recovering. Also, instead of throwing your wood, don't hesitate to transform it. With a little resourcefulness and a few tools you can for example make a set for your exterior.

A driftwood coffee table

Maisons du monde Find a natural atmosphere in your interior by making a sleek driftwood table, ideal for creating a more Zen environment. The plus: a wooden pouffe that also fits in this decor.

A green wooden end of sofa

Maisons du monde You want to bring an exotic, authentic and natural touch to your interior, let yourself be seduced by this end of sofa made using assembled poplar branches. Reduced budget, you can also choose to make it yourself.

A natural dressing room

House and Home Welcome autumn with a natural decor. To let it enter gently inside, swap your old dressing room for a 100% eco-friendly dressing room made with strings and tree branches. Guaranteed result!

Branches for your four-poster bed

Essix Home Collection If you want to bring a touch of originality and freshness to your room, have at each foot of the bed large bare branches and then dress it all in a delicate wooden veil which will certainly provide a bed effect canopy.