Zen decor in the bedroom

Zen decor in the bedroom

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To make sweet dreams and fall asleep in a serene setting, we put on a 100% Zen decor in the room. Here are 5 atmospheres to inspire you!

Carte blanche for the Zen decor of the room

Goal ### Symbol of purity, white soothes. Nothing like it then to wear your choice on a white gradient if you want the room to take on a Zen and refined look. From floor to ceiling, cream, cloud, igloo, mother-of-pearl, milk or pearl shades are juxtaposed and come together. Well-being and freshness are essential to make sweet dreams come true.

A honey-colored sweet bedroom

Conforama ### A Zen decor begins with a palette of light shades. Furniture, curtains, frames, light fixtures, carpets, bed linen and walls: nothing escapes this color code! Here, the marriage of varnished wood and ivory white rocks the room with light and softness. An invitation to rest that has something to inspire.

Green carpet for a relaxing atmosphere

Conforama ### The pleasure of merging with nature is above all an invigorating feeling of freedom or nothing, apart from the song of the birds, does not disturb our tranquility. And if we were inspired by this decor? A few natural green touches and a few foliage or tree patterns are enough to be transported far from the city. After a day of work, finding a Zen room becomes a luxury.

A few Japanese touches and the Zen atmosphere is created

Conforama ### No need to spend a fortune to give a zen tone to the room, a few key accessories are enough to create a calm decor where it is good to rest. With a paper lampshade, bamboo or wooden blinds, the soothing character of the place asserts itself.