An artist's studio in the heart of Paris

An artist's studio in the heart of Paris

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Let's dream a little. Imagine a beautiful and large house with atypical architecture and bright interior, very close to one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. This house exists, you can find it at the bend of a dead end, not far from the very beautiful park of Montsouris in the XIVth district of Paris. Visit.

A green setting

Emile Garcin Properties It is the climbing ivy and the many trees surrounding this artist's house which give its exterior all its charm. Once through the gate, hard to imagine that we are in the heart of Paris. For more information:

The relaxation area

Emile Garcin Properties On the 480 square meters of the house, a space has been reserved for relaxation and fun. Here, we can see a very beautiful wooden billiard table installed near a fireplace. The room would lend itself perfectly to the development of a cocooning and television corner. For more information:

A grand staircase

Emile Garcin Properties Everything in this house aspires to greatness. The staircase that leads to the first floor is no exception. Instead, admire this majestic marble room bordered by a black wrought iron railing. For more information:

Very high ceilings

Emile Garcin Properties This is the main charm of this house: its very large living room has an impressive ceiling height of 6.40 meters. Such a space allowed the installation of a mezzanine office as well as a cursive, both decorative and useful element since it is possible to install storage. For more information:

A very bright living room

Emile Garcin Properties Very rare in Paris, the living room - in addition to being spacious - is extremely bright. Its soberly painted white walls and its magnificent light wooden parquet allows anyone to project themselves there. For more information:

Direct access to the garden

Emile Garcin Properties If the living room is so bright, it is partly because it overlooks the small garden. Another charming asset of this artist's house because there is, after all, no inspiration without nature. For more information:

Safe from prying eyes

Emile Garcin Properties The pretty garden, surrounded by greenery and laid out as a terrace, offers absolutely no vis-à-vis. It is therefore in complete peace that one can settle down there to have breakfast in the sun. For more information:


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