Garden: protect the vegetable patch

Garden: protect the vegetable patch

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In the fall, changing weather can quickly cause damage to your vegetable patch. So to protect it from the first frosts and thunderstorms, there are multiple protections that will allow you to enjoy the vegetable garden longer.

A tunnel for growing on the ground

Castorama To protect your salads and other vegetables, you can opt for a small tunnel to be installed directly in your vegetable patch. We plant hoops on both sides of the crop before covering everything for protection.

A mini greenhouse in the vegetable patch

Castorama Like a tunnel, this large tarp that looks like a tent will protect your growing crops. The plus of this model is a closure that will allow you easier access to the sprouts for watering and maintenance.

A winter garden

Maisons du monde To give style to your garden and protect your plants, you will find metal and glass greenhouses to install outside. Your plants will be sheltered and your garden will look retro.

A permanent greenhouse

La Redoute To protect your crops, there are also large greenhouses that have an aluminum structure and hard plastic walls that let in light while protecting from the cold. A kind of winter garden, these greenhouses can accommodate vegetable boxes or potted plants.

A winter garden greenhouse

Castorama Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you can install shrubs and large plants to protect them from bad weather. This greenhouse has transparent walls to give you a room open to the garden.

A greenhouse to protect the earth

Leroy Merlin You will also find greenhouses without floors that allow it to be installed directly on the garden floor for growing crops in the ground.

A tunnel for the whole vegetable patch

Leroy Merlin To cultivate your garden all year round, you can opt for a large tunnel that will cover the entire vegetable patch. These are very large hoops covered with plastic. The tarpaulins open at the ends to let you in and allow the crop to be aerated.

A tunnel for tomatoes

Leroy Merlin Also note that the large tunnels will allow you to accommodate particular tall plantations like tomatoes. Do not hesitate to install the most fragile crops.

An extra greenhouse

Leroy Merlin To shelter your small plants or to prepare your cuttings, you will find very small greenhouses in the form of boxes that can accommodate your plans. Their conservation will then be optimal until planting.