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10 touches of marble in the kitchen

10 touches of marble in the kitchen

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Refined, elegant, aesthetic, marble has given itself a second lease of life in our contemporary interiors. Dared with subtlety, and not in total look as before, he is now more of a follower (including the editorial, of, it must be admitted). If you are still wondering how to adopt it at home, and especially in your kitchen, here are 10 ideas!

A marble wall

Ecora - Scandinavian Kitchens If this flagship material is THE favorite of your comeback, dare it thoroughly in your kitchen! The idea: a wall entirely covered with white marble slabs with well-defined gray veins. Sources: Ecora & Scandinavian Kitchens

A marble tray

Modish Store To serve a few delicacies for the aperitif with refinement, the editorial staff suggests these pretty marble trays with unstructured lines. To combine without hesitation with the other wooden models! Source: Modish Store

A marble cutting board

On the Table Et s you swap your traditional wooden cutting board for a white marble model. Terribly chic, right? Source: On the Table

A marble worktop

Tiziana Tosoni - Faith Durand We all dream about it! The marble worktop enhances any kitchen. Whether the furniture is black, gray or wooden, once installed you only see it. A real star! Source: Tiziana Tosoni & Faith Durand

Marbled print on dishes

H&M Home Far from being cheap, marble can also be used in the form of prints. Black marble, green marble, the dishes at H&M Home dared to, and it's quite successful, don't you think? Source: H&M Home

A marble credenza

Frog Hill Designs - Looks Like White You have bet on white lacquered furniture in your kitchen, but on the side of the splashback, you still have a hard time making up your mind! Sure that after seeing these two atmospheres with a marble splashback, your decorating problem will be solved. Sources: Frog Hill Designs & Looks Like White

A marble rolling pin

West Elm Notice to all pastry lovers! To prepare all your pie dough with style, you have to bet on the marble roller! Source: West Elm

A marble shelf

Hecker Guthrie - Unduo To stage your most beautiful jars, your cookbooks or even your dishes, the marble shelf will be appreciated. Sources: Hecker Guthrie & Unduo

A marble sink

Adrien Dirand With its pure lines and its almost translucent color, this contemporary marble sink does not leave us with marble! The plus: a black, designer tap that enhances the whole. Source: ArchiDesignclub