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10 arty ideas to customize the teenage bedroom

10 arty ideas to customize the teenage bedroom

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As budding artists or art lovers (including street art), teenagers ask only one thing: to express their creativity and let their inspirations speak between the 4 walls of their room. The idea: to assert their artistic vein to permanently cut the bridges with the little boy's room. Our 10 best ideas, both inspired and inspiring, to copy and paste.

Graffiti a dresser

Ikéa And the child's chest of drawers passed into the hands of a wise graffiti artist, the same owner with a few more years. Proof that the graffiti style, used with pretty punchy colors, deserves to be recognized as an artistic branch in its own right!

Dress up the office

Ikea No need to change the office. To have style even at homework time, we put on a fully customized work plan. You just have to stick several pages of manga, magazines or loose comics to get a definitively trendy patchwork. And if you are worried that it will be damaged, cover it with a glass plate of the right size ...

Customize stencil walls

Fly To personalize the wall with paint without taking any risks: the miracle solution is called stencil! We thus have a precise idea of ​​the result before even taking action…

Makeover a lampshade

Ikéa A few sprays of spray paint, and the Chinese ball-type paper lampshade, is rebellious ... This is true to their image!

Mix colors on the wall

If even the colored walls are still too wise for their taste, we dare the rainbow effect: several cans of paint that we use to paint curves with psychedelic effect and thus enliven the room with very seventies liveliness, peace & love type.

Exhibiting artist materials

Ikea There is no question of hiding the brushes, the sketchbooks and the spray paint. Staged on a sideboard or on a special creation desk, the artist's equipment becomes a decorative accessory.

Paint a fresco

Purpose A fresco as a wall decoration: you had to dare! And why not ? After all, either we have the soul of an artist, or we don't have it!

Treat yourself to a decorative canvas

Purpose To create an arty atmosphere in the teenage bedroom, there are even simpler and more classic: decorative fabrics! It remains to choose the one that will arouse your crush…

Tag walls

Leroy Merlin We don't want them to tag the streets, result, we prefer that he do it in their room! Even if the result is really an abandoned urban fabric…