10 kitchens for the whole family!

10 kitchens for the whole family!

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Since the kitchen has become a real living space, it must above all be family oriented! We then invite you to discover 10 kitchens to accommodate the whole family for moments of conviviality.

XXL island cuisine

Paragraph To make the kitchen an essential space of the house, one can choose a very large island which will be the nerve center of the room. It can accommodate several activities and many of you can settle there to cook or chat.

A kitchen integrated into the living room

Aviva So that this kitchen fits into the family life of the house, it is installed around the living room. The table for the dining area then also serves as a work plan and activity table for children.

A kitchen in the living room and the dining room

Ikea Here, there is no question of being separated from the rest of the family when we cook. We all stay together by installing the kitchen in the living and dining area. It is a large living space where everyone meets.

A kitchen open to the dining room

Ikea If you like to cook with your family, nothing beats a kitchen open to the dining room. We then put on a large island that will separate the two spaces while providing a work plan open to the room.

A kitchen for large families

Ikea If you are a large family, you will need a kitchen that can accommodate the whole family and offer you enough space for preparing meals for all your little one. Then bet on a kitchen with large worktops and play with the wall surface to take advantage of storage spaces.

A playful cuisine

Fly On the ambiance side, don't hesitate to play the fun card to make the kitchen appeal to the whole family. The wood brings a lot of warmth here, the colors are vivid and the wallpaper with butterflies is sure to delight children. Friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

A practical kitchen

Aviva In this large kitchen, children can also sit down to taste it in the section dedicated to meals. The separate kitchen then maintains an opening to the rest of the room and a link with the other members of the family.

A kitchen integrated into the living room

Mobalpa This kitchen is an integral part of family life! It integrates fully into the living room with materials and colors that match the sofa and other living room furniture.

A kitchen with space

Baker If you are lucky enough to have a large area, do not hesitate to separate the kitchen from the dining room to allow good circulation for the whole family in the room.