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30 DIY special teen bedroom

30 DIY special teen bedroom

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With back to school, your teen wants a little something new in his room? Never mind, you will, with (or without) his help, concoct a new little cocoon: stickers for the walls, slate paint for the furniture, a calendar or a hanging frame… Here are some ideas for start the school year in a brand new room!

Decorative poster

Bear and Robot Studio We often forget it, but a simple colorful and positive poster in a sober and elegant setting can work miracles. If you are not really at the top DIY level, this is the ideal solution! Source: Etsy

Hanging shelf

E How / Lucy Akins Here's how a metal fixture, rope and three wooden planks can brighten up a teenage bedroom by bringing a refreshing natural look. So, a few steps will be enough to make your teen happy. Source: E How

Original frame

Shanty 2 Chic Who said that the frames are outdated? In any case, thanks to their originality, these four, placed side by side create a real plus in the decoration of the space. We love ! Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Message headboard

House Tweaking / Dana Miller To give a touch of rustic and authentic to your cocoon, the headboard is a detail that should not be overlooked. The proof is with this real wood realization, you can even personalize it by writing a nice word! Source: House Tweaking

Wallpaper stickers

Urban Walls Dress up your walls by sticking small stickers of geometric shapes. an ideal tip for those who are not very DIY, success guaranteed! Source: Etsy

Colorful calendar

Annabode + co What could be more effective than a calendar for having good landmarks? This has the advantage of being original and not as complicated to realize as it looks. A little more decoration for a teen room that makes an impact! Source: Annabode + co

The practical kit

Amelia Tatnall / Brittni Mehlhoff Back to school is there and like every year you do not find your happiness in the trade? No problem, create your tailor-made kit / organizer yourself. We particularly appreciate the possibility of personalizing according to your tastes. Source: Paper & Stitch

Back to school notebook

Homey Oh My! If you are tired of seeing the same prints everywhere, here is the solution to stand out. Run to your computer and print the design of your choice. You have just made a unique notebook / diary / book protector! Source: Homey Oh My!

Dresser revamped

Zodio Marre to open your drawers to check their content? Opt for a slate paint that allows you to write with chalk without any limits! The furniture knobs are also there to let your imagination run wild. Source: Zodio

Wooden sorter

IHeart Organizing If your teenager can't tidy up his room, make it easy! This storage to achieve according to your needs is the most practical. From now on, he / she will have no more excuses… Source: IHeart Organizing

Shoe board

Leroy Merlin No, you are not the only parents to rage against the shoes that are everywhere. But thanks to these shelves positioned in this way, the end of your ordeal is very close. All it takes is a drill and voila! Source: Leroy Merlin

The photo branch

Like a Bobo We all want to see our vacation memories cheer us up when the weather gets harder. That's good, this accessory has something to appeal to more than one traveler. Natural and original, we validate! Source: Like a Bobo

Copper floor lamp

I Spy DIY Few people will tell you otherwise, a teenage bedroom often lacks extra light. This design and modern metal model is the right solution to provide your child with useful and practical lighting. Go for it! Source: I Spy DIY

A concrete stool

Tomfo If there is one object that will always be used, it is the stool! And to have it in front of you H24, as much as we like. To be certain, the most effective is still to build it yourself. Awesome right? Source: Tomfo

Personalized clock

Sarah Hearts Here is the proof, if there was one, that a paint job on a round of wood can do wonders. No more bothering to find your happiness in the stores when it is at home. Shall we try? Source: Sarah Hearts

My beautiful mirror

Sinnen Rausch Never forget: customization is the solution to (almost) all your problems! Here, for example, it is the possibility of transforming a very classic mirror into an original decorative piece. Sober, but effective. Source: Sinnen Rausch

Light up your initial

Gray Likes Nesting Does your child want to mark his territory? Suggest that he take up this lamp concept by including his initials. A touch of industrial and light that should make more than a young person dream! Source: Gray Likes Nesting

The wallet kit

The Lovely Drawer Tired of the mundane circular pencil holder? Fortunately, this wall accessory is there to help you! Designed expressly to no longer see your pens, scissors & co lying around anywhere, it will save you many minutes of research. Source: The Lovely Drawer

Jewel cover

Bang on Style Have your grandmother's jam jars always made you fall in love? Use them as office storage. Special mention for the DIY covers made with simple figurines for children. The class! Source: Bang on Style

A mood board

Rachel Denbow For your teen to display their photos, push their shopping cravings, hang their To Do List, go to the making of a colorful mood board! Source: A Beautiful Mess

A customized ticking box

Lovely Indeed After having gobbled up the little colored pastilles, transform your empty tic tac box into storage for hair clips with golden paint. Source: Lovely Indeed

A work like Andy Warhol

Design Mom Fan of Andy Warhol's pop art works, your teen dreams of having his own in his bedroom? Follow the following tutorial and you are sure to please her for sure! Source: Design Mom

To store jewelry

Tatertots and Jello With three wooden cutlery trays painted in flashy colors, imagine a wall jewelry box for your teenager's bedroom. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, nothing is left behind! Source: Tatertots and Jello

A personalized charger

Love Feast Table Tired of hearing your teens squabbling because one stuck the other's magazine? Organize a customization workshop with glue and glitter to solve the problem! Source: Love Feast Table

A magnetic table

Laura Thoughts EVERY morning, do you ask your teen to put away her makeup that hangs around the room and the bathroom? This year, it's over, thanks to this homemade magnetic board. Source: Laura Thoughts

Custom storage

Mox and Fodder After collecting an old filing cabinet from a flea market, paint it with blackboard paint and chalk what is in each drawer. Practical and aesthetic! Source: Mox and Fodder

Shelves with skateboards

Being Brook To display its sports trophies or store its DVDs, make two shelves with skateboards in just a few minutes for your teens' rooms. Source: Being Brook

Cardboard bags

The Zoe Musings Do you have a good number of small cardboard bags which you do not know what to do at home? Attach them to your teen's bedroom wall. He can slide everything he wishes to have at hand. Source: The Zoe Musings


Vintage Revivals Give your teenager's bedroom a new look by creating a graphic work on the wall using light wood and pastel paints. Source: Vintage Revivals


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