The Botanical Garden of the city of Lyon

The Botanical Garden of the city of Lyon

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** Born on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse district in 1796, the Jardin des Plantes de Lyon has since moved to live in the Tête d'Or park. It has an area of ​​8 hectares which allow it to exercise its specific missions of education, conservation and research. Between its birth and its new establishment, what changes for this garden! Starting with name changes: from "Jardin des Plantes", it becomes "Jardin de l'Impératrice" in homage to Joséphine de Beauharnais before taking the qualifier "Botanical Garden". The people of Lyon who regularly attend the Parc de la Tête d'Or know its impressive botanical greenhouses divided into five groups: the Dutch greenhouse, large greenhouses, small hot and cold greenhouses, the Victoria greenhouse and the Madagascar greenhouse. Thanks to the benevolent temperatures, all kinds of rare and singular species flourish in greenhouses. The winter walker also finds something to it! In spring, it is the camellias that attract all eyes. You will understand, whatever the season, indoors or outdoors, the botanical garden has something to amaze everyone, big or small, regular or occasional visitor. **

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia More than a thousand tropical plants flourish under the pointed domes of the large greenhouses. Installed in the open ground, they are grouped by themes (camellias, ferns, plants from a humid tropical environment, etc.) or by continent.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia Let us continue the visit by discovering the Dutch greenhouse. Built in 1859, it is quite simply the oldest of the greenhouses in the park. It owes its qualifier of "Dutch" to its shape with double inclined slopes designed to let in as much light as possible.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia Well sheltered from the frost and the fingers of curious visitors, all kinds of carnivorous plants flourish there. They are called Droséras, Catesbaei, Heterodoxa, Sarra… So many strange beauties to be imperatively observed with the eyes!

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia Here are plants that have traveled more than 8,000 km before setting their roots in the greenhouse called "Madagascar". Covering almost 400 m2, this greenhouse is home to species that are particularly resistant to heat and even capable of flourishing in desert environments.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

David Scherberich Here we are under the dome of the aquarium greenhouse, a round glass structure which shelters astonishing varieties such as * Victoria regia *, a spectacular plant whose leaves can reach 3 m in diameter, or even the water lily. '' Amazonia whose leaves reach a diameter of 1.5 m.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia The Botanical Garden organizes each year many temporary exhibitions devoted either to relationships between men and plants, or to the discovery of artistic works in resonance with the plant world. The reception pavilion, located at the entrance to small tropical hot greenhouses, is specially dedicated to these exhibitions, the program of which is frequently renewed.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia We are leaving the greenhouses to explore the Alpine Garden. Here, within landscaped rock gardens, the visitor will be able to discover a flora of medium altitude coming from several continents. The water that borders this garden has the role of cooling the atmosphere and reducing the thermal amplitude.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia The botanical school occupies several flowerbeds forming a semicircle. It mainly brings together plants from the Lyon flora, useful and ornamental.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia In its clumps bordered with carefully trimmed boxwood, the Floral Garden offers a new face each season. Here, the warm tones of the Indian summer flowers. During the golden era of the silky Lyonnais, specialized painters came here to look for ornamental ideas for fabrics.

Botanical garden of the city of Lyon

Nelly Garcia Visitors can explore the Carré des Lianes, following the measured pace of Japanese steps.


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