10 DIY ideas for high-tech devices

10 DIY ideas for high-tech devices

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Charging station in Legos, speakers in plastic cups, camera strap in scarf, the editorial team invites you to discover 10 DIY ideas for your high tech devices today!

Legos as a charging station

Instructables A Legos charging station, that's a funny idea! Ideal to bring a little playful touch to your decor! Source: Instructables

A speaker at a low price

All for the Boys Have you ever put your iPhone in a plastic cup to amplify the sound? If so, you should have noticed that it worked. The good idea here is to create a small enclosure for three times nothing. Not bad is not it ? Source: All for the Boys

Camera strap

The House That Lars Built It is true that the straps supplied with the cameras are rarely pretty. With a liberty scarf and two leather tips, make your own easily. Sure we will envy you! Source: The House That Lars Built

To wind these cables

Minted Strawberry Attention! Don't bite into this little gingerbread man! It is not a Christmas treat, but an accessory for winding up chargers or headphones. Source: Minted Strawberry

A box to recharge

Lil 'Luna An alcove for sliding the iPad, others for holding the phones, this charging station box will please all members of the family. Source: Lil 'Luna

A richly filled notebook

Lil Blue Boo Once this little notebook opened, surprised, it is actually a touch pad that it contains and not pages of paper. A nice touch of originality that will be appreciated. Source: Lil Blue Boo

Charging support

How about Orange When you charge your phone, it often happens that it has to stay on the ground if the socket is close to the ground. Not anymore ! With a simple piece of cardboard, you can make a load support. Practical and inexpensive, we validate the idea! Source: How about Orange

Watch his series in bed

Instructables How many of us are watching our series on our tablet warm in our bed? We will not lie, having to hold it in his hands for hours annoys us quickly. Here is the solution: a wooden accessory to make yourself for almost nothing! Source: Instructables

To hide your root

Ana Maria Munoz Not everyone is lucky enough to have an internet router designed by a designer ... In this case, we played it clever by hiding it in an old book. We're a fan of the result, aren't you? Source: Ana Maria Munoz


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