Goal: discover in pictures the new kitchens 2016

Goal: discover in pictures the new kitchens 2016

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For its brand new collection of kitchens 2016, But has put forward everyone's tastes with a leitmotif: find the kitchen that suits you. Whether you are more traditional or avant-garde, whether you like monochrome or more colorful tones, whatever the style of your interior and the space of your room, you will find your happiness. Discover without further delay, the kitchen model adapted to your desires!

Raw cuisine

Purpose This model of cuisine will delight lovers of the rustic and authentic style. The crystal gray and blue gray colors are beautifully satin, both outside and inside the storage doors. Camelia cuisine: from 1219 euros

A tangy piece

Purpose If you want to bring color to your room, the Chloé kitchen and its sage green hue will certainly seduce you! Also exists in other colors. Chloé cuisine: from 1219 euros

When graphics rhyme with practice

But Chez But has something for everyone, as proven by Carla cuisine, which plays on shapes and colors, with its yellow niches and its truffle-brown worktop. Carla cuisine: from 1219 euros

Softness of wood

Aim Notice to lovers of sweet and refined cuisine, the Rocka model is made for you! In any case, at the editorial, it is unanimous. Rocka cuisine: from 917 euros

Wood invades the kitchen

Aim Are you looking for a structured, perfectly equipped kitchen with lots of storage space? Choose the Alexia model from But! With its knotty oak finishes, it will blend perfectly into a classic or more contemporary interior. Alexia cuisine: from 865 euros

Choose a bright white

Purpose For a modern apartment, nothing like an immaculate kitchen! This model imprints in Swedish style this clever mixture of white color and light wood. Superb! Loft kitchen: from 709 euros

Noir et blanc

But But offers very different colors and styles for its range of kitchens 2016. If you like two-tone universes, the Elena kitchen and its black and white colors will enhance your room, with its rounded central island. Elena cuisine: from 1339 euros

Chef's cuisine

Purpose For the real cordon bleu, this kitchen offers a central island, a long work surface and plenty of storage space for an ergonomic layout. It only remains to get behind the stove! Louise cuisine: from 559 euros

Seventies inspiration

But The Bella / Carla kitchen from But is made up of smooth surfaces and colorful elements that remind us of the 70s! To choose if your interior is rather modern, otherwise it will denote with the rest of your decor. Bella cuisine: from 1095 euros Carla cuisine: from 1219 euros