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Paintings for a harmonious interior at Leroy Merlin

Paintings for a harmonious interior at Leroy Merlin

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In the house, colors create the decor! And for a harmonious interior, you have to know how to combine colors. To help you, Leroy Merlin offers paintings, wallpapers, curtains and accessories to dare the color. Here are some harmonies for your interior.

Pebble gray and gray sand effect

Leroy Merlin ### To give an industrial spirit to the house, we opt for a variation of gray. Paint your walls in pebble gray and put a wall in front by preferring a lighter shade of gray. The must: create an effect with the precious sand effect paint Luxens Gris Galet.

Limestone white, ruby ​​red and clay brown

Leroy Merlin ### To create a baroque effect while keeping a certain modernity, we are moving towards deep colors. Opt for a limestone white, paint the lower part of the wall in ruby ​​red with a sand effect and enhance everything by painting the woodwork in clay brown.

Atoll blue, atoll blue tadelakt effect and atoll blue tadelakt wax

Leroy Merlin ### For a very refreshing spirit in decoration, we put on blue, without question the color of summer! We play on a harmony in tone on your atoll blue. To create effects, opt for the tadelakt Luxens atoll blue effect and the Luxadel silver tadelakt wax.

Chocolate brown

Leroy Merlin ### Finally, for a timeless color that suits any room, opt for a chocolate brown shade. Be aware that you can paint walls as well as woodwork and radiators.