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The success story of cork decorative items

The success story of cork decorative items

Recovered from the bark of trees, cork appeals for its "green attitude" side, but not only. Its extreme softness to the touch and its natural color have recently pushed it to occupy a prominent place in home accessories. From vases to kitchen trays, from lights to stools, he embodies the new "eco-friendly cocooning" recipe for the fall / winter season.

Cork vases

There's no fire in the lake ### The pull-out glass from our tender childhood diverted into a vase capped with a cork frame, it gives that. Some more wacky models than the other that should certainly not go unnoticed in the house…

Cork kitchen trays

Ferm Living ### Nice duo of cork trays that come to serve tea in a very natural atmosphere. Long live tea time!

A custom cork tray

Ferm Living ### Still at Ferm Living, we fell in love with this cork kitchen tray wonderfully enhanced with poetic forest prints…

Cork glass feet

C What ### Subtle marriage of glass and cork. Called "L'Enverre", because it represents with a touch of humor and fantasy, bottles corked upside down, this range signed C Quelle creates surprise at the table.

A cork trivet

Ferm Living ### It's the detail that makes the difference. A trivet made of cork balls that is both graphic and natural, the little extra that we need to complete our fall / winter table decor.

Cork suspensions

Fleux ### Head to the Fleux store and its surprising collection of pendant lights entirely clad in cork. It remains to choose the form that appeals to us the most!

A cork world map

Fleux ### By taking the shape of a world map, the traditional cork panels are getting a facelift. Ideal for any aspiring or experienced globetrotter wishing to pin photos or postcards from around the world!

A cork fruit basket

Home Around the World ### Generally associated with a beige bark color, cork also adopts, against all odds, a chocolate coating to satisfy lovers of nature style with a strong character. To find at Home Around the World.

A cork stool

Home Around the World ### After decorative objects, it's the turn of small furniture to enter the trend while cork. Spotted on the side of Home Around the World, the stool that here confirms us in the idea that a seat can also combine softness and lightness.