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Tableware in "tea time" mode

Tableware in "tea time" mode

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In the fall, nothing beats a tea break to warm up between lunch and dinner. The best way to snub at constantly falling temperatures while enjoying a moment of conviviality and some sweets. As for the decor, here are some ideas, classic but inspiring.


Geneviève Lethu ### Difficult to remain indifferent to this table setting reserved for the 4 pm - 6 pm time slot which enchant even the least followers of the country style. Checkered patterns and patterns of a beautiful navy blue donkey on a white background, that transports us to the decor of yesteryear.


Guy Degrenne ### The 17 knocks on the clock rang under the sign of conviviality and classics to revisit without getting tired. Around the basic immaculate white service, everything has been planned for a delightfully successful tea time: cozy wooden table, macaroons and chic teapot.


Goal ### Here, we like the pebble shape of the cup rests and the black table runner enhanced with the natural color of light wood. Chic in all simplicity.


Delamaison Warming up with the warmth of tea will not have been enough for this decor since he has chosen to wrap himself in a resolutely trendy knitwear outfit.


Ikéa ### Wallpaper with pink polka dots on the walls, a British-style cake server and a tray decorated with poetic motifs. Welcome to a so girly tea time break!


AM.PM ### A simple wicker basket was enough to reveal the sweetness of this snow-white porcelain service while giving it a little natural note. Or how to intensify relaxation at tea time.


Geneviève Lethu ### Here is the dream setting for a face to face tea time. The mood is soft and delicate, the scenes enchanting and poetic…