10 nursery wallpapers

10 nursery wallpapers

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In a few months, baby will point the tip of his nose. To prepare for your arrival in the most comfortable way possible, you start now to arrange your space and select a wallpaper to decorate the walls. Liberty pattern, animal prints, vibrant or tart colors, you are spoiled for choice to make the nursery a true haven of peace.

A fluffy atmosphere

Bartsch Transform the nursery into a real cozy space thanks to the Bartsch wallpaper printed according to traditional processes of the 19th century, which allow an artisanal result close to handmade. Cottony clouds and a delicate summer rain against a blue sky… it doesn't take more to let yourself be charmed.

A very aerial wallpaper

Ferm Living Forget the monotonous walls and fall for the trendy graphics of this beautiful wallpaper signed Ferm Living. With their delicate colors, a retro twist and their aged appearance, these sublime hot air balloons will allow baby to fly to the land of dreams in a setting full of sweetness and serenity.

A revitalized interior

Bianca & Family Tired of traditional baby wallpaper in soft, tart colors? We opt for the tonic turquoise wallpaper Bianca & Family very graphic, poetic and a touch of retro.

Colorful and bucolic

Wallpaper from the 70s Bring a poetic note and a rustic touch to the nursery with this sublime wallpaper in liberty colors. Its animal print will awaken and stimulate the senses of your little one in the simplest way possible.

Soothing nature

Déco Minus To finish off the tasteless walls and bring a little softness to the nursery, we opt for the Déco Minus wallpaper. Its bright colors and very childish patterns will bring serenity and well-being, with ease.

Vintage retro inspiration

1970s wallpaper Do you want to bring a warm and reassuring atmosphere to your baby's room? We put on warm colors and playful and original patterns like this model signed Wallpaper from the 70s.

Urban atmosphere in the baby room

Rasch Because little boys are attracted to cars from a very young age, cars are multiplied in the nursery. For an ultra-trendy fashion effect, we will avoid the total look and we will prefer to adopt this style sparingly, on a simple section of wall, in order to subtly recreate the effervescence of the city.

Funfair atmosphere

Grandeco Creating a sparkling and joyful atmosphere in the baby's room is possible thanks to the colorful, playful and very creative wallpaper imagined by Grandeco. Adorned with balloons and strongly inspired by fairgrounds, it will give a touch of imagination to your child's room.

A warm and enveloping wallpaper

Ferm Living Pink or pastel green, the Ferm Living wallpaper will personalize the walls of the nursery with fantasy. Recreating a poetic universe conducive to developing the imagination of toddlers, pastel colors will bring happiness and tenderness in your toddler's room.


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