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Ikea catalog 2016: our 20 decorative favorites

Ikea catalog 2016: our 20 decorative favorites

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Still eagerly awaited by aficionados of the famous Swedish brand that we no longer present, the back-to-school catalog is finally ready! And with it, its share of good surprises. A quick overview of the new Ikea 2016 products with editorial favorites.

A comfortable living room

Ikea A thick carpet, soft and enveloping sofas, warm colors, in this living room, comfort comes first. And that, we love! Showcase: 359 euros Coffee table: 199 euros

Artist's studio

Ikea Work and relaxation in the same room? Say hello to the artist studio atmosphere in your living room with the simple and practical furniture from the new Ikea collection. Sofa: 249 euros Trolley: 17.95 euros Stepladder: 29 euros

Practical lockers

Ikea Accompany your office with practical lockers on wheels to store and especially organize all your documents.

A cheerful and tidy living room

Ikea Is your living room a bit of a "room for everything"? So, choose varied and clever storage. If you bet on colorful furniture, this will avoid giving your stay an overloaded side and an overwhelming atmosphere. Fabric: 4.99 euros per meter

Male atmosphere

Ikea The furniture in sober colors chosen to decorate this living room gives it a very masculine atmosphere. The little decorative detail to remember: we love the integration of the white outline television in the wall of frames and storage so that it goes (almost) unnoticed. TV bench: 170 euros Wall cabinet: 20 euros

Light wood, black and white

Ikea In the bedroom, light wood, black and white will be the colors of the season. The tone is set !

An office in the living room

Ikea By installing your desk facing the living room, and not against a wall, you can clearly separate the relaxation area from the workspace. The main thing is to choose furniture in the same colors so that everything harmonizes perfectly. Office: 199 euros Swivel chair: 125 euros

A romantic bedroom

Ikea After a difficult day, nothing like slipping into a cocoon of sweetness. To do this, bet on light shades, and have fun with veils and light fabrics around your bed. Bed frame: 249 euros Fabric: 6.99 euros per meter Bed linen: 35 euros


Ikea To take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine, in summer and winter, consider setting up an outdoor lounge. Made of wood, covered with a comfortable mattress, these armchairs with footstool will be perfect! 165 euros

A banana seat

Ikea On the balcony or terrace, make a little room for plant materials to bring softness and naturalness. Nothing could be simpler with this banana leaf seat. The plus: it turns into a small side table if necessary! 39 euros

Raw pine trend

Ikea Back to basics in this room which has bet on raw pine! This naturally clear material reflects the light and at the same time warms the room. At the editorial, we are completely seduced. Bed frame: 349 euros Bedside table: 49 euros

An organized closet

Ikea Shelves, boxes, chest of drawers, baskets, rods, coat hooks, hanging storage, become the king of organization in your closets thanks to the multitude of ideas offered by Ikea. Sounds simple like that, don't you think? Dresser: 69 euros Box with lid: 6.99 euros Clothes rail: 4.99 euros

A room with discreet storage

Ikea You did not know where to slip all your bazaar? Perhaps you lacked a little storage! In the bedroom, play the card of discretion by adopting a footrest with storage, a bed with storage ... here, everything is simply hidden, and that's good! Bed frame: 259 euros Footrest: 199 euros

A family room

Ikea When they are awake, have your children gotten into the habit of finding you in your room? And if you simply made room for them by opting for a large family room ... Cot: 79 euros 8-drawer chest: 249 euros

The joys of simplicity

Ikea What if to feel good in the kitchen, you simply had to bet on simplicity? With the FYNDING model, you are sure to get there. Price according to standard layout: 199 euros

Noir et blanc

Ikea Always trendy, never a wrinkle, black and white takes place around the dining room table with a nice set of mismatched chairs. How cool is that? Table: 99 euros

A practical island

Ikea Drawers for storing pots, pans and other utensils, shelves for easy access to recipe books ... this island signed Ikea will make you appreciate small kitchens eager for practicality. Price according to standard layout: 359 euros

A multitasking space

Ikea Dining table, family office, coloring corner ... What if the dining room turns into a multitasking space? With two tables placed side by side, everything is possible. Table: 79 euros Swivel chair: 39 euros

Responsible cuisine

Ikea What if we adopted a more sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen? This is what Ikea wanted by imagining this light wooden model which is accompanied by elements to cultivate, reuse, recycle ... Easy when we are given a little boost, right? Price according to standard layout: 479 euros