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20 DIY pallet beds

20 DIY pallet beds

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Completely in tune with the trend of "nothing is lost, everything is transformed", pallets have been used in recent years in all rooms of the house. In the bedroom, they are most often assembled to form a bed. Do you like the idea? Here are 20 tutorials to make your own!

A natural bed

Green Street Workshop No need to pay very dearly to create a practical and decorative bed. Some wooden planks left in their natural color and previously sanded and voila! For convenience, the box spring was placed on casters. Simple but effective! Source: Green Street Workshop

A bed to gain height

Sara Danielsson Want an exceptional bed in which you will enjoy relaxing? Head to the Atelier rue verte blog which explains how to make this very trendy model. Source: Green Street Workshop

A white pallet base

Miss I know everything In a Scandinavian or sleek style bedroom, assemble your wooden pallets and paint them white to make a box spring. Or how to transform your night space into a cozy place at a lower cost. Source: Miss I know everything

A king size bed

1001pallets To make this double bed with a very recycled style, you will need ten pallets of 120 cm / 120 cm. First step, the box spring! To achieve this, nothing very complicated, you just have to stack your pallets two by two. Then you just have to put your mattress on it and install a few cases of wine at the end of the bed. For the headboard, place two pallets against your wall and install here and there a few cases of wine for practical storage. Do not forget to install flower pots for the decorative side ... and that's the job! Source: 1001pallets

A bed with integrated storage

1001pallets A dozen pallets, four wooden boxes and a good dose of patience will be necessary if you decide to embark on the making of this smart bed frame. So ready to roll up your sleeves? Source: 1001pallets

A removable headboard

Miguel's little work Want to coordinate your headboard with your pallet base, we've found the perfect tutorial for you! If you still have a few pallets left, cut them out to obtain boards of different sizes and glue them at variable height. You will see the result is great! Source: Miguel's little works

A comfortable bed

Alexandre Dotta Favorite for this most original bed with variable heights. With family or friends, it will offer you a real moment of relaxation! Source: Desire to inspire

A high bed

Pallet furniture Better than the bed on pallets installed on the floor, here is the suspended bed, ideal for gaining height. The originality of the project: the box spring was placed on three wooden boards installed vertically. Source: Pallet projects

A bunk bed

ERDF Banionis Ok ok, this bunk bed with integrated desk is certainly not the easiest to achieve but with a few good notions of DIY and patience you will inevitably achieve a suitable result. Source: Pallet furniture

A simple box spring in pallets

Life with the Joneses By assembling four pallets using hooks and a few screws, this is a box spring assembled in just 30 minutes that will cost you almost nothing. Source: Life with the Joneses

A green pallet base

Wikihow If you don't like the raw appearance of the palettes, know that a little paint in the color of your choice will do the trick to give it a whole new look. Source: Wikihow

A single bed in pallets

Pallet Furniture Particularly worked, this single pallet bed is ideal in a child's room. To make it harmonize with a childish universe, remember to paint it in a cheerful color and in harmony with the rest of the decor of course! Source: Pallet Furniture

Overlay pallets

Homemade Food Junkie To make this bed base, start by stacking the pallets two by two. The plus: slide a light garland under the bed to create a skylight. Source: Homemade Food Junkie

A child's bed on pallets

Lori Danelle With its casters, its headboard and its integrated protective barrier, this pallet bed will be perfect for little ones who have just left their crib. Source: Lori Danelle

A box spring with drawers

Ana White For the most DIY enthusiasts, here is a pallet bed that will be very practical thanks to a multitude of drawers to slide the bed linen, quilts, blankets… Source: Ana White

Full pallets

Ashley Ann Photography To make this child's bed, start with two full pallets. Then follow Meg Duerksen's instructions on her nice blog Under the Sycamore. Source: Ashley Ann Photography

A double bed for the little ones

Project Nursery Mounted on casters, these single beds can be moved around at bedtime, and stored like a sofa to free up play space during the day. Source: Project Nursery

A professional box spring

Santiago DIY To make this professional box spring (mounted on legs), follow the step by step presented on the Santiago DIY blog. Source: Santiago DIY

A hanging bed

The Merrythought Finally, give yourself a little height with this single pallet bed suspended in the middle of the garden. With a little rope (and a solid tree), the latter is very easy to assemble. Source: The Merrythought