10 ways to use wallpaper

10 ways to use wallpaper

If the wallpaper is very coveted to personalize the house, it is not only intended to dress our walls ... A brief overview of its multiple functions, acquired thanks to a dose of creativity and the desire to customize the house.

Wallpaper for an unusual headboard

Farrow & Ball ### The headboard is original and imaginary thanks to a strip of finely chosen wallpaper.

Wallpaper to create unusual paintings

Saint Maclou ### You don't know what to stage in your collection of frames? Dare the wallpaper! It is original, offbeat, surprising and sublime.

Wallpaper to revamp the kitchen

Fly ### Giving the kitchen a fresh start at a lower cost? This is possible thanks to wallpaper, to put on walls or on furniture.

Wallpaper to bring nature into the house

Goal ### The wallpapers overflow with inspirations drawn from the great outdoors: birch forests, bamboo, ivy rain or endless foliage. The ideal solution to bring natural breathing at home.

Wallpaper to dress up frames

Ikea ### Instead of throwing away your old frames, consider giving them a second life by covering them with the wallpaper of your choice, in line with the decor of the room!

Create material effects

Castorama ### Another advantage of wallpaper: its trompe-l'oeil models. Playing with us, the effects of materials: quilting or knitting, we are amazed.

Wallpaper to charm the look of a piece of furniture

Maisons du Monde ### Do you want to accentuate the charming style of a piece of furniture? Wallpaper comes to the rescue! By dressing some drawers in dots or liberty patterns, voila.

Wallpaper to define the space

Ikéa ### On the walls, the wallpaper delimits the different spaces of the same room: in a living room with office, in a room shared by brothers and sisters, in a parental suite including the baby corner.

Wallpaper to accentuate the style of a basement

Saint Maclou ### To give value to a base, top it with a nice wallpaper!