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Ikea 2015-2016: the new bathrooms in pictures

Ikea 2015-2016: the new bathrooms in pictures

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Was redoing your bathroom one of your back-to-school resolutions? Perfect ! Ikea has just unveiled its new furniture and accessories for your water features. New finishes, new design, new practical furniture, new clever wall elements… the editorial staff invites you to discover in pictures what will be waiting for you in stores from October.

A hand basin for small bathrooms

Ikea Small bathrooms will also love this washbasin which will take the place of an overly imposing vanity unit.

A singular basin

Ikea What originality! This basin, which seems to be placed on a small bathroom cabinet, has not left the editorial staff unmoved. We love !

Mirrors on the furniture

Ikea In this bathroom, it is the mirrors that lead the dance! On the wall cupboard above the basin, in a magnifying version on the wall, on one level on the cupboard, they will allow you to prepare for several despite the small surface area of ​​the room.

Wooden worktop

Ikea As in the kitchen where it is more trendy than ever, the wooden worktop also finds its letters of nobility in the bathroom above a white and sleek piece of furniture.

A designer washbasin

Ikea Love at first sight for this ultra contemporary round washbasin which is simply placed on your bathroom furniture.

Designer furniture

Ikea In the family bathroom, designer furniture, sleek and without handles, comes with more playful accessories such as a flashy yellow running board, a multicolored shower curtain and coat hooks in various sizes and colors.

Raw pine

Ikea Want to warm up your bathroom? Bet on raw pine! Vanity unit, storage chest, corner cupboard… don't be afraid to opt for the total look!

A double washbasin cabinet

Ikea Practical thanks to its two integrated basins, this piece of furniture is also lucky to be thin and to slip into small spaces. As for its storage drawers, they will finish seducing you!

A chest of drawers

Ikea Have you fallen in love with the Hemnes vanity unit in brown wood? You will love the white cottage spirit finish!