Atelierhouse, a modular home designed by Harry Thaler for Museion

Atelierhouse, a modular home designed by Harry Thaler for Museion

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It is not always easy to arrange an apartment when the square meters run out. However, this is the challenge won by the talented designer Harry Thaler on behalf of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bolzano in Italy. The project: create both a living space and a work studio for visiting artists hosted by the museum, with modular furniture, easy to move and store. Visiting places !

Furniture on casters

Bamberghi Filippo We thus find wooden boxes on casters of different sizes which can be moved according to the needs of the artists present in the accommodation for an undeniable saving of space.

A hidden single bed

Bamberghi Filippo The first wooden box shelters a single bed which, when folded takes the form of a traditional shelf and allows to free up space.

A well thought out piece of furniture

Bamberghi Filippo In a small studio, every square centimeter is important and sometimes you have to compete with ingenuity to find solutions to optimize space. Here, the designer has endowed this multifaceted piece of furniture with a practical storage space for use adapted to the artist's needs.

A cube as aesthetic as practical

Bamberghi Filippo The second wooden box houses a double bed that can open and close at will to maintain privacy. Original, these boxes look like little houses in the house and that's what we like.

A warm interior

Bamberghi Filippo While the exterior of the house is clad in aluminum and glass - cold materials - Harry Thaler wanted a warm and welcoming interior, which is why he favored wood, omnipresent in space.

Scandinavian inspiration

Bamberghi Filippo Undoubtedly influenced by Scandinavian design, Harry Thaler imagined a functional, uncluttered work unit, at the service of the comfort of the user, with as ambition the simplicity of its use.

Stackable furniture

Bamberghi Filippo The originality of this XXL work table? Stools, chairs, coffee tables and lamps can stack up when not in use. Pretty cool!

A chic wardrobe

Bamberghi Filippo A last mobile cube dressed in black and wood makes it possible to accommodate the clothing of passing occupants. Practical and elegant, it has nothing to envy to the largest dressing rooms.

Unique creations

Bamberghi Filippo The furniture imagined by Harry Thaler are unique creations, produced by the Italian furniture brand Barth.