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20 DIY for back to school

20 DIY for back to school

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A few days before the start of the school year, you are thinking of standing out on the supply side. Customized notebook with masking tape, pastel wallpaper pencil, fabric case, discover our 20 DIY ideas for a successful and noticed comeback.

A homemade backpack

Purl Bee Your little girls will need a practical bag this year to take their outfit on sports days? Sit behind your sewing machine and proceed to the realization of this model in very girly liberty fabric. Source: Purl Bee

Pastel paper pencils

Gaby Burger Tired of hanging around the same yellow pencil as your class neighbors? What if you decided to paint them in soft pastel colors? I promise, it's easy as pie! Source: Hello Natural

Masking tape on notebooks

Lia Griffith Say goodbye to the kraft covers of your little notebooks! Thanks to a wide selection of colorful masking tapes, they adopt a new look for the start of the school year. Source: Lia Griffith

A tea bag

Owen's Olivia To take your almonds to the office or to slip the cookies for the little ones, make a pretty pouch in the fabric of your choice. Sure you will be the only one to wear it! Source: Owen's Olivia

A unique bookmark

Wild Olive So as not to lose track of your reading, make yourself a bookmark using a colorful and funny magnetic strip. Maybe the latter will make your teens want to finish the 500-page Balzac imposed by their French teacher. Source: Wild Olive

Cardboard pencil

Mr Printables To celebrate the start of the new school year, here are some boxes in the shape of a pencil or colored eraser into which you can slip a little surprise. To offer on D-Day of course! Source: Mr Printables

A very practical timetable

Say Yes A cork board, cut Pantone colors, and here is a tailor-made schedule that will make your life easier from the first month of school. Source: Say Yes

Glitter pencils

Brunch at Saks Using a very fine brush, place a thin layer of strong glue on the end of your wooden paper pencils, then dip them in golden or silver glitter. We are under the spell of the finished product. Source: Brunch at Saks

A glamorous clipboard

PBteen The kraft-colored clipboards will offer a new style this year thanks to a few heart-shaped stencils. A pink paint, and that's the ultra glamorous result. Source: PBteen

Decorative tacks

Modcloth These pushpins painted by hand in flashy colors will take their interest once staged on an organizational cork panel. Source: Modcloth

A cloth bag

See Katesew This tutorial is for aspiring seamstresses! So that your little blond heads come back with a really unique kit, here is a fabric model that should not leave you unmoved! Source: See Katesew

Felt on pencils

Kids Activities Blog Cut two hearts out of a piece of colored felt, sew them together while leaving a notch so that you can slide it over the top of your pencil. Source: Kids Activities Blog

Stylish notebook covers

Fellow Fellow What if you made notebook covers with thin, colorful card stock? Does that tell you? So follow the tutorial! Source: Fellow Fellow

A kit for the little ones

Say Yes With a piece of fabric and a few triangles of felt, you can make a play kit for the little ones. They will be able to access and store their crayons easily. Source: Say Yes

A graphic notebook

And We Play After having made four holes using a printed pattern, pass your fluorescent thread so as to create a graphic and unique notebook cover. Source: And We Play

A lunch bag

Grace Bonney With this striped fabric that takes up the lines of a school notebook, take away your lunch prepared with love the night before. Source: Design Sponge

A festive pencil

Carolyn's Home Work With its colored crepe paper tip, this polka dot pencil looks festive. Source: Carolyn's Home Work

A cardboard case

Onelmon A kit made with rolls of toilet paper… that's an original idea! If you want to try the experience at home, know that this tutorial will require a lot of patience. But the result is worth it, right? Source: Onelmon

Wallpaper on the writing desk

My Fabuless Life Another idea with your ordinary clipboard: stick wallpaper and golden leaves on it. The editor's favorite is the result! Source: My Fabuless Life


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