10 pretty bags to taste

10 pretty bags to taste

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Young and old have all returned to school, some for the very first time. Full bags and brand new school bags, our children are perfectly equipped. Only one little thing is starting to miss: a nice tasting bag to avoid crumbs at the bottom of pockets or schoolbag. To help you choose one, here is a selection of the editor's ten favorite models.

To be sure not to be wrong

Tyrrell Katz / Designed by Tyrrell Katz, this tasting bag would delight more than one child who is fond of small cars. Very practical with its removable strap, this snack bag also has clips on the handle that allow it to be hung on another bag. 20.10 euros

Cute little cat

Kiabi A snack bag does not have to be square or rectangular. You can definitely bet on a more cute and original shape with this cat-shaped backpack. Adorable with its small protruding ears, it is nonetheless practical thanks to its small adjustable straps and its zipped pockets on the sides. 8 euros

Take a snack in space

Boden Many little boys dream of becoming astronauts. This mini shoulder bag will allow them to at least send their snack in space. 30 euros

Pink and animals

Boden Still at Boden, this little "lunchbox" with a very English look is decorated with little dogs dancing on a green background, all bordered with pink. What keep the taste of our little ones cool with a lot of style. 30 euros

Loulou's snack

Esprit Logis / Derrière La Porte Behind La Porte, specialist in naïve prints, created for our little boys this pretty green lunch bag bordered with white dots. Isothermal, it will keep the taste of our little blond head cool until the time of leaving school. 21.80 euros

Louloute afternoon tea

Esprit Logis / Behind The Door Behind the door don't think only of boys. The brand has also created its insulated snack bag in a girly pink version that should appeal to little girls. 21.80 euros

The Kipling bag

Kipling The brand with the little monkey has thought of the youngest and created this insulated snack bag, very practical with its shoulder strap. With a suitcase sheath on the back, it can be very useful when you travel. 49.90 euros

Little marcel

My Little Marcel / The French brand also thinks of the appetite of our children. This little shoulder bag to be tasted will appeal to both girls and boys with its very simple look with multicolored polka dots. 15 euros

Rusty the fox

Baby's wardrobe Little boys will love this fox-print cooler bag! To take everywhere or to offer! 5.90 euros