10 mobile home interiors that make you want to go camping

10 mobile home interiors that make you want to go camping

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Fans of four-star hotels or large houses by the sea rented on Airbnb, have you always said that camping was really not for you? That was before discovering our 10 amazing mobile home interiors, contemporary or retro. Visit.

An adventurer's interior

Cheezburger Besides the more than surprising exterior appearance of this mobile home, it is its interior like a ship that surprised us. Boarding! Source: Cheezburger

Retro decor

Caroline West This old school bus transformed into accommodation has kept the school spirit by adopting old cards, school chairs, and a multitude of other retro decorative objects. Source: Design Sponge

A cocoon room

Cora Bean To find yourself, nothing like a bed imagined like a little cocoon. In this mobile home, it is built-in, but the pastel decor makes everything warm and caring. Source: Country Living

A large living room

Mobile Home Living Parisian studios risk envying the size of the large living room available in this mobile home. The numerous windows offer it a beautiful light. Nice, right? Source: Mobile Home Living

A playful interior

Mobile Home Living If you have invested in an old-fashioned mobile home, know that it is possible to completely revise the decoration by mixing contemporary furniture, playful touches and flashy colors. Source: Mobile Home Living

A palace bathroom

Mobile Home Living A large walk-in shower, a competition basin, a second spacious shower, the bathrooms of this mobile home are well worth those that can be found in luxury hotels, right? Source: Mobile Home Living

A leap in time

El Cosmico With its varnished wooden walls, its red vinyl bench seat, its 1950s-style Smeg fridge, the interior of this mobile home takes us back in time. Plus: you can rent it if you feel like it! Source: El Cosmico

A warm interior

Mobile Home Living Wooden furniture, large soft gray fabric sofa, carpet, in this mobile home, warmth and comfort take precedence. Source: Mobile Home Living

An open kitchen

Kathryn Bacalis Like a small apartment in town, the kitchen of this mobile home is open to the living room thanks to a mini island-cart mounted on casters. Very contemporary, this interior is a real favorite! Source: Apartment Therapy


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