10 DIY for small astronauts

10 DIY for small astronauts

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Your little blond head dreams of setting foot on the moon or spending hours staring at the sky behind his telescope? Perhaps behind all of this is a future career as an astronaut! To further fill his passion, here are 10 DIY ideas ideal for space lovers.

A giant moon-shaped pinata

Studio DIY Ideal for a birthday or simply to please your children on weekends, the pinata takes the form of a giant moon that your little astronauts will enjoy watching. Cut the fringes in beige and gold paper, and the result will be superb! Source: Studio DIY

A rocket with a bottle

Hello Wonderful A plastic bottle, a sock, felt, cardboard, aluminum, red and yellow threads… this is the material you will need to obtain to make a rocket worthy of the name with your toddler! Source: Hello Wonderful

A "solar system" mobile

Lady Poppins Here is a mobile "solar system" that will not go unnoticed in your children's room. Easy to make (colored card stock to make planets like stars and nylon thread), you just have to get started! Source: Lady Poppins

A propellant

Sewing in No Mans Land To fly without space like Buzz Lightyear, your little boy will more than ever need to have a propellant in his possession. Aluminum foil and crepe paper will of course be there! Source: Sewing in No Mans Land

A moon shaped wall lamp

Handmade Charlotte Guided by a book on the constellations, drill the necessary holes on your previously painted cardboard, then pass the light garland. Once hung on the wall, this lamp has its small effect, don't you think? Source: Handmade Charlotte

Stickers on the rocket

Mollymoo Crafts To give your white plastic bottle a space style, let your child add some colorful star-shaped erasers. Source: Mollymoo Crafts

Space pencils

Mr Printables After printing a moon on which your children can draw, give their pencils a rocket style with a few pieces of card stock. Sure they will love it! Source: Mr Printables

An astronaut flashlight

Paging Supermom A torch, printable constellation models, string, glue and two yellow boxes (for cupcakes) will be necessary to create this budding astronaut lamp. Source: Paging Supermom


Pink Stripey Socks With cardboard and cut straws, make this spaceship in a very short time with which your children will be able to have fun. Source: Pink Stripey Socks